4. The ultimate bribe


Where charm and looks don’t work, pizza sure does. Bribe your way into a homework free weekend or skip your turn of doing chores. Family, friends, your girlfriend or boyfriend, anyone can be bribed with a pizza.

5. A gift from heaven


One of the most ridiculously happy faces ever is when people are gifted pizzas on their birthdays. It’s the perfect way of saying “I really like you, I never give pizza away. This is just, love”. Although, we all know there is another one in your car, waiting for you.

6. Break up Buddy


Girl problems? Boy problems? Take a whiff of all that pepper, bite into the cheese, drown in it , wash it down with your favourite poison, binge watch all the movies you two watched together, cry some more and then, order another pizza. Pizza is faithful, ever loving and is a phone call away. Tissue?

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