Here a few rare sights of daily life which will satisfy your OCD like nothing else:

1. 100% mobile phone charge

Who has seen 100% charge on their mobile? When was it the last time? How long did it last 🙂

Daily Life

2. Set hair

Daily Life

No matter how much time is spent is setting the hair right. Apply a plethora of products too but that hair would not remain set for more than 5 minutes 🙂

3. Clean Sliding door tracks

Daily Life

Sliding doors and windows is a fad right now however little is done to find ways of cleaning the sliding tracks. We have not come across a single sliding track which is spic and span unless it is absolutely new.

4. Shirt without a crease

Daily Life

If I could, I would surely want to understand how to keep clothes wrinkle free. Wrinkles come as soon as we sit and get up. Duration does not matter. I have wrinkle free shirts as well in my closet but believe me they get wrinkled exactly the same way ordinary shirts get.

5. 1 hour long call duration

Daily Life

No I am not trying to say people have got busy and they seldom pick up the phone to talk. What I am trying to highlight is the issue of call drop. If you are in India, you should thank your stars for that hour when you could talk on the phone continuously for an hour without a single call drop!

6. Last seen at 2-3 days ago

Rain or shine you can’t keep your hands off whatsapp, yes admit it 🙂 It is so rare to see someone’s last seen at status of 2-3 days ago.

Daily Life

7. Clean mouth of the toothpaste tube

Daily Life

How does it matter if the mouth of the toothpaste tube is clean or not? Well for OCDs like me everything matters and guess what? We observe such things too! Yes it is a rare sight to see mouth of the tooth paste tube clean, did you ever bother to see? If not do check from now on.

8. Straight toothbrush bristles

Daily Life

It is so thrilling to take out a brand new tooth brush and use it. The poker straight bristles makes you feel so good early in the morning. But unfortunately the experience lasts only for first few days and then the bristles go hay wire 🙁 Such a rare sight in daily life therefore 🙂

9. Tower of perfectly round chapattis of same size

Daily Life

Indian? How can you not love phulkas? It is an art to roll them round and it takes much more than skill to make sure every single ball of dough is rolled out into perfectly round phulkas of the same size. Try it out and you will understand how rarely it happens in daily life. 🙂

10. Sofa cushions in place

Daily Life

Do you have sofas at home? Do have cushions on them? Do you use the sofa? If the answer to these 3 questions is yes then my suggestion is please click a photo of your sofa the next time you arrange the cushions because it is only in pictures that sofa cushions are found to be in their deemed position 🙂

Agree with me in all of these? You surely will.

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