A break from yourself, that’s how travel is. When so much is new and unexplored, it is very easy to feel out of place and under prepared most of the times. Most seasoned travellers would already have a ton of tips and advice and hacks, but to those of you who are new to this addictive hobby, here is a list of travel essentials that aren’t a part of general checklist but should make your life easier.

1. You’d rather write it down? Oh.

Travel Essentials

There is always mobile to rely on, when making notes but more often than not, we find ourselves searching for a piece of paper to write things down on. The more adventurous your trip, the more your chances of meeting people who would rather write something down for you. Carrying a notepad will make sure you never miss a story. That mute lady has seen the most breath taking sunset ever. You would have never known.

2. A post-paid mobile.

Travel Essentials

Especially, if you are visiting places like Jammu and Kashmir, where prepaid mobiles from other states refuse to work, this could be a boon. Getting a sim then and there could prove nothing less of an ordeal.  A post-paid mobile works just fine.

3. I ordered spicy. I didn’t get spicy.

Travel Essentials

Food in some parts of the world could be very bland. You know that mashed potato would taste divine, if only it had a dash of spice in it. Carrying a bottle of tabasco sauce, which is a delightfully tangy and spicy pepper sauce, will bring life to any meal. Why that particular sauce? It’s not overpowering and it is the right amount of heat and it also comes in cute little bottles that you could just use and throw.

4. Your hair too loves to breathe in new places

Travel Essentials

You are on the road and finding a decent enough place to eat could be challenging. And sometimes, there is just no time. In those times, dry shampoo is your best friend. It leaves your hair feeling glossy even if you do not have time to wash it, by getting rid of the grease but not entirely drying your scalp. It’s available in either spray or powder form. Even if it’s a planned trip, keep one handy, you never know where the world will lead you.


Travel Essentials

Road trips are wonderful and give you a chance to explore the countryside and places with limited connectivity to the outside world. That also means, you will not have much professional help, if your car should break down. Carrying your car manual will help you troubleshoot at least a range of problems with your car, Saving time, money and a lot of disappointment.

6. Bleeding heart? Romantic. Bleeding mascara, not so much.

Travel Essentials

Updating your makeup is of extreme importance if your destination has weather quite different from where you stay. If you are visiting hotter and humidor climates, carrying oil based products is an open invitation to looking like Frankenstein’s monster for the whole trip. Choose mineral based, powder based alternatives and look your best in the sun.

7. The “I’m alive and still travelling” intimation

Travel Essentials

Travelling alone could be a very different experience. Finding new places and finding new horizons in you. But, all said and done, getting back home after a spiritual experience is just as important. Leaving your travel itinerary with a trusted person or keeping them informed of any changes, is a necessary precaution that might stop someone from filing a missing person report. Imagine yourself arriving in a sombrero hat and a flower in your ear, while they are crying thinking you dead. Exactly.

8. This coffee tastes like mud

Travel EssentialsMore often than not, the world takes the coffee black. You will of course, find milk at your hotel, but when you stop at the dead of the night, at a very old gas station or you are camping, or are forced to camp, nothing like coffee with creamer to remind you of home. Grab a few and stuff them in your bag. You never know when you need yourself a rich, creamy cuppa.

9. Daylight savings time

Travel EssentialsParts of the world still use daylight savings time. Clocks are advanced by an hour, in summer. Now ideally, your hotel should inform you about this. But, in case they have not, and you just arrived and have a train to catch the next day, you are sure to be an hour late at the site. Not a very nice interruption to your schedule. Stay informed, be on time.

10. Digestives

Travel EssentialsThe spices, the tastes, the flavour of the new place, are all very tempting and very hard to resist. We are more than likely to stuff your stomachs with a bit of everything and well, the system is surprised at this new milieu of stuff that you’ve bene giving it, that it’s not used to. It will rebel against you. Pop a digestive pill and show it who the boss is. Tomorrow, more food calls you.

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