The admiration people have had for tall thin models walking the runway in fitted flowy couture is not uncommon. People and I mean men and women alike love to watch these chiseled bodies sway on the ramp. It could mean doting them on the telly, stalking them on the net or being a spectator to a live show, if they can afford to shell out the ‘moolah’ for it. Some even aspire to be like them. Here is a list of some bizarre rituals these models follow to stay skinny. Most of these include ridiculous and life threatening diet alternations. Let’s find out how these anatomies stay in business of not eating.

Models trying to look slim

Cotton balls in orange juice

Weird but true, models eat cotton balls dipped in orange juice. The logic is to feel full without gaining weight. The cotton balls swell up in the stomach suppressing hunger and keeps them feeling full for long. Bria Murphy daughter of comedian actor Eddie Murphy and an aspiring Victoria secret model was quoted saying in an interview that she had heard of models eating cotton balls. Eewe!

Models Diet

Feeding Tube

As gross as it may sound, portable feeding tubes hanging through the nose is trending the charts to help models and aspiring amateurs fit the bubble. This diet pattern is customized to suit specific needs and therefore a model can be on this diet cycle for 10 days, 10 days off and then repeat cycle again. The logic behind this one being – it doesn’t give you extra calories just enough to help you survive without passing out. Unbelievable!

Models Use injections to stay skinny

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T3 thyroid hormone injections

Well, you thought only people with thyroid trouble needed these. Depart from your world of Idealism and you shall know that this method of staying skinny is not new to the fashion world. Thyroid medication causes weight loss by speeding the metabolic rate thus burning more calories even when you are asleep. So, no model is bothered anyways if this could lead to drug induced side effects, palpitations, passing out or even heart failure as long as they fit into that beautiful drape and can walk in style for a living. Makes me go weak in the knees.

Psycho stimulant pills

Say that again? Yeah, you heard this right. Simply put, these are drugs that stimulate the central nervous system. They are addictive and give the models a feeling of wakefulness and focus. Also known to reduce appetite, ‘Phentermine pills’ are an excellent example of this wonder recreational drug as they call it today. And, no! they are not psychos just a bunch of models trying to keep in shape. Insane!


Am I joking? Can’t be fooling around with this ingredient. Cocaine is a commonly used for weight loss in the fashion circle. Models use this not because it suppresses their appetite but on the contrary it increases it. How it works is – any model on cocaine would eat more than their counterparts, eat unhealthy fats and carbs but still lose weight because cocaine is known to reduce the body’s ability to store fat. This is proven in study done by Cambridge University.

Let’s close the buffet with cocaine served for dessert, if you please! No dinner for me tonight, I have lost my appetite.

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