Many of us have tried and failed at our fitness regimes. Everything from your diet, to exercise, to sleeping time has been experimented with, and yet you still do not see the effects of your hard work. What’s going wrong?

A lot of research has studied lifestyle change, and the factors that affect it. The findings do indicate that there are some psychological factors that could be making an impact on the level of success you achieve in a fitness regime. The first step, of course, is to make sure that the regime is not harmful to follow. There are many hoax programs out there, and following them could do more harm than good.

Once you are sure that it is indeed a healthy and appropriate regime or program, there are three things to keep in mind: ownership, planning for distractions and planning for failure.

1. Fitness Ownership

The first and foremost thing is ownership. How motivated are you to do this? And why ? A lot many times, we want to get fit for external reasons, like a desirable date or marriage proposal. While these are good goals in themselves, they are not likely to keep us motivated throughout the regime.


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Therefore, you have to figure out how you would gain from the regime despite not attaining these external goals or if these goals were not in the picture. The reasons that you come up with at that point will be the true reasons. You need to make them more and more important to you, by looking up research in those areas, reading up, and talking to people who regularly work on their fitness. Right down these true reasons for motivation somewhere you can see them every day. For example, a lot of research indicates that fit people face less fatigue and tiredness issues and have more energy and vitality.

2. Diversions & Temptations


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Despite doing this, you may lose sight of your goals when times are hectic. Or when there’s too much unhealthy food available in the environment. What do you do then? You need to plan for your distractions in advance. Carry healthy snacks, weight regularly, go through the menu for the least unhealthy options and so on. You know best what distractions are likely given your life and schedule, and planning for them in advance increases your likelihood of success.

3. Cheat Days



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The third and arguable most important pointer is to prepare for failure. Lifestyle changes means shifting your life around, making it upside down. It may be just a phrase for your trainer or doctor, but for you, it means a myriad of changes in all spheres of life. Such change is difficult and you might not achieve all of it in the first go. Therefore, cut yourself some slack, and allow and plan for failure as well. You may want to binge eat or over-indulge out of anger or frustration when you fail. Plan for times like these by keeping healthy food options around you.

All the best!

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