Google is only seventeen years old and yet it has revolutionized technology for us. Who would think that this company struggled to find investors during their initial days. Having said that, today, Google is in almost everything that we use. It leaves us awestruck to see how far along this company has come. Below are 7 innovations of Google we can’t thank enough for:

1. Google Maps

Google map is a blessing for the lone traveler. Whether it is about finding directions or checking on the traffic situation of any area google map is just the right app. As much as you can check on traffic so can you see the estimated time it would take to reach the destination and guess what? Their estimations are bang on!

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Innovations by Google

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2. Google Translate

Google translate is available online and in app form. It sees at least a million translations everyday in over 80 languages. You can write, type, speak or take a picture of the text that you want to translate. The app is totally free. It’s like your personal tiny interpreter.

innovations by google

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3. Voice search

All you have to say is “OK Google” and all your questions will be ready to be answered. Just try asking, “Would I need an umbrella tomorrow?” and it would provide you with the weather forecast for the next day. You can use the voice search to look for maps, information, call or text someone etc. The accuracy is unmatchable!

4. Gmail for layman and for business

Say you want to make an Email Id, does anything else except Gmail strike you? Gmail has almost replaced the term Email. Not only is it hassle free, it has made formal communication brilliantly easy. Whether you are a common man using it or a business, Gmail has facilities for all your needs. Google has totally transformed the functioning of emails for us! We no longer worry about storage space of the mails, segregation of them etc.

Innovations by Google

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5. Android

Though initially this operating software wasn’t developed by Google, it bought it a decade back and has completely transformed Android for us. Android was initially in our phones but now it is in our televisions, cars and watches too! All your information is accessible from all devices in one place if you use Android. Also, it is very user friendly!

Innovations by Google

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6. AdWords

Do you see little banners of clickable ad when you are surfing the net? These ads are a part of the advertising services provided by Google. They are very successful and useful because the advertiser only pays for the total clicks it gets. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right?

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7. Search

Last but definitely not the least, Google Search is like a language to us now. We rely on Google for practically all information we want. Finding information about an app, knowing the weather, finding movie timings and what now. ‘To Google’ is so commonly heard now that we don’t even realize that it isn’t generic. In fact, the company is worried that it will lose its Trademark if it becomes generic!

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