Bikes are the mean machines that throw many a luxury car models in a tizzy. A lot of people would want to differ however that doesn’t make bike lovers budge from their passion. Come on, there is nothing like swinging your leg over the seat and make for long rides whilst the cool breeze sweeping against your face. Statistically, most customers decide to buy a bike basis the primary features and mileage of the bike. However there are other add ons too that one needs to  know about. Read on to find out more.

1. Check the tire of your Bike

A brand new bike’s tire should be brand new too. But in a few instances, a brand new bike is handed over to the customer with used tires. However, what you really need to check if the tire has spiky rubber hair sticking up from the thread whose strength signifies that is unused. If there are any discrepancies, the hairs will wear off within the first 50 miles of test-drive. One more way to check whether the tyres have been previously run on the road or not is by checking the presence of the dirt imprints in the tyres, if there’s any.

Bajaj-Pulser-200-NS-DTS-i Bike

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2. The Odometer  (Mile meter) Reading

To tell you, sometime the showrooms use certain bikes for test-drive purpose and sell them off with time. To be doubly sure that your bike has not undergone such rigorous rides, check the Odometer rating which exposes you to the original reading. The measurement should be 2/3 kms and not 20/30 kms.

3. Check the alignment of Fork, T and Handle bar

The front shocker known as Fork, the ‘T’ section and the Handle bar should be properly aligned. We are highlighting this because some bikes come with manufacturer defects which we tend to overlook blinded by the looks of the bike.

Karizma Bike

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4. RIM Alignment

Put the bike in center stand and roll the wheels so that you can check that both the RIMs (front and rear) are aligned properly.

5. Presence of Scratches all over the Bike

The most common way to know whether the bike has been used is that to check the scratches all over the body. Absence of any such authenticates the bike’s newness.

6. Check the engine oil level

Another easy way to ensure the newness of the bike is to check the engine oil level of the same. Ideally, you should change the oil before delivery and use the type of oil as per recommendation.

7. Check the break-fluid level

There are two disc breaks in a bike, front and rear, wherein you need to check the break oil level and if that requires any hurried top-up.

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