With an overall increase in the budget towards promoting the interest of stakeholders the advertisements of their products has increased. Corporate firms are coming up with advertisements on social issues, which are considered as a taboo in our society. Certain social advertisements are breaking the societal norms.  The intent is to spread the message through of equality and break the stereotypes prevalent in certain segments of society these advertisements.

Havells Fan Advertisement

Havells Fan ad brings the prevalent social issue of caste-based reservation into the picture. The ad tries to show a girl in a different light. Though she can enjoy the benefits under the quota system, she opts for general category. The youth of this generation wants to bring the change and equality. The lyrics are comparing the power of change with the air of fan “mein chalu toh hawa chalegi me badlu toh hawa badlegi”.

Vogue Advertisement

Women’s empowerment has been an issue of concern in India. It emphasizes on the issue of safety in both urban and rural areas. Boys don’t cry is the stereotype of Indian society. This thought is questioned in the ad released by Vogue. The ad makes a powerful point against domestic violence and promotes a strong message. The message being,  we teach our “tough boys” not to cry, but instead we should teach them not to make women in their lives cry.

Myntra’s Lesbian advertisement

Myntra’s Lesbian advertisement is a part of “Bold is beautiful” campaign to promote the apparel brand Anouk. The advertisement named “The visit”, shows two women with one of them getting ready to introduce her partner. Furthermore, the suspense builds up and disclosing the fact that the girl is a homosexual. It highlights the anxiety and nervousness that the girl feels as she is set to announce their relationship to her parents and leaving it open for the audience.

Tanishq second marriage Advertisement

Tanishq has redefined the concept of marriage by showcasing the second marriage advertisement of the women. Moreover, usual Jewellery advertisement depicts the first marriage of the girl being the occasion of joy and celebration for the family. This advertisement is uniquely different. Remarriage which is looked down upon by Indian society and for some orthodox people. Tanishq is also the one first to introduce remarriage in Indian advertising. Many trade outlets comment that the commercial is “revolutionary” sparking a debate.

Myntra “The Calling” Advertisement

This advertisement is a part of  “Bold is Beautiful” campaign of Myntra which brings out the woman’s bold personality and her response. The most common issue faced by pregnant women at  workplace. Furthermore, the conversation between Radhika Apte, an architect, and her boss Uma Apte when she comments on her pregnancy bump. How she is overlooked for a promotion that is rightfully hers. Instead of silently facing the discrimination, Apte drives her boss into her new office under construction and confidently adds “That’s my new office. I’m starting off on my own.”

Helpage India – Dadi 

The advertisement depicts how it’s your turn to address the childhood of your parents and similarly enjoy the journey. It intends to communicate as a matter of fact a strong message. There are two phases in a person’s life -when an individual tends to throw tantrums like a child. Also elders also tend to behave like small children as they grow old and need the same pampering and attention given to kids.

These advertisements could be an overall new beginning towards a change. Moreover, the society should not only observe but also accept the issues. Furthermore, these advertisements will bring into light the needs to be addressed. Hopefully we soon witness the change.

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