America has a salad-bowl culture. Look at American cuisine, you will know. The United States of America is home to 500 recognized tribes. Each of them has their own cooking tradition. That begets a shift of focus from the Native American cuisine trend. But America never complained much, since they framed their tongue to variations pretty zealously. They held Salmon and squash in equal importance as buffalo and venison should it was necessary.

“America has compassion for everyone’s food…”

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What is American Cuisine?

You will at once draw a mental picture of Italian food. Even repeat that for Chinese food on the merest mention. Perhaps Mexican and Indian food too. But, in rarest of cases American cuisine you can relate to. In third world countries yet, the idea of American cuisine is unusual. You will see no restaurants specializing on the same. Of course, American cuisine has an array of options of its own. But then there are only Hamburgers, Lasagnas, Stews and BBQs meet the eye. Nevertheless, it’s a daunting task to explain it to others. For that, you require a clear idea of your own cuisine. Above all, a regular diet with American cuisine requires a deep pocket. A substantial populace in the world over lacks on the same. So, American cuisine is less recognized in places.

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Some food options that only America could curate

In the yesteryear Americans brainstormed some craziest cuisines. You can’t raise a doubt on that. Forget the downright creative angle. To push the boundary and come up with less greasy, cheesy and fried cuisine deserves slow clap. Some of them worth a mention are- Corn Dog, Philly Cheesecake, S’mores, Reuben Sandwich, et al.

American cuisine

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Is there any hope for American cuisine?

Precisely, American food is still evolving. No wonder, with the rightful exploit of the resources. However, the major draw of it is the simplicity. One may say, it lacks the required amount of historic weight. Nevertheless, American food has a sea of potential to rise above the regional. But Wait. Don’t be so impressed just yet. American chefs deserve more creative liberty. Should they’re told to step out of the box. As can be seen, it is a breather for the chefs to borrow. Or draw inspiration from every culinary history imaginable. And most importantly, carve theirs.

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