Arvind Kejriwal swept to power in Delhi with out-and-out majority. This is a super achievement in the first place. Especially because the gesture made Narendra Modi led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) look as small as a grasshopper. As the common practice, Kejriwal too floated a series of promises before the battle began. Some of which are delivered and some are on the verge of obsolescence. We bring here to you the unassuming figures that point out the delivered/non-delivered:

A comparative study between the promises and their deliveries:

1. Cutting the electricity bill by half

After assuming power, Kejriwal promised to trim down the electricity bills by half on consumption up to 400 units of electricity. Status: Delivered. He announced 50% subsidy on houses spending less than 400 units of electricity.


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2. Providing free piped water

AAP vowed to provide free pipeline water up to 20 kiloliters. The beneficiaries would be 50 lac households. Those will receive water through Delhi Jal Board’s metered water connection. The sole agenda was to provide clean drinking water to people at large. Status: Delivered. This means 700 liters of free water in every household.

3. Reviving the Yamuna

AAP ensured 100% collection and treatment of Delhi’s sewage through an extensive sewer network. Afoot will be construction of new functional sewage treatment plans. This also means prohibiting release of untreated water and industrial effluents into the river. Status: failed. AAP failed miserably to deliver on the promise.

4. CCTV in public spaces and buses

This move was meant for making Delhi a safer habitat for women. AAP proposed to install 15 lac CCTV cameras. Status: failed. Only 200 buses saw installation of a camera whereas Delhi has 5500 DTC buses.

5. Curbing Delhi’s pollution

For this, the Delhi government had introduced 2 trials of the odd-even measure. It was believed that the number of vehicles on the road will reduce in essence. Status: Failed. Worse, Critics also call this AAP’s strategy to gain cheap publicity on the citizen’s expense. This dealt a major blow on the people who have one car and can’t afford a second one. Two-wheeler owners and the affluent ditched the radar.


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6. Free wi-fi public spaces

The AAP government promised to endow most parts of Delhi free wi-fi enabled. Status: A distant dream. It required 3000 crore to materialize the dream but the government sanctioned only 65 crore.

7. Expand healthcare infrastructure

AAP promised to create 900 new Primary Health Centers and add 30,000 more beds in the public hospital. That means 5 beds per 1000 people and 4000 more beds in maternity ward. Status: Failed. 38 government hospitals have 10,000 beds altogether.

8. Janlokpal Bill

 AAP swore to legislate the Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill before coming to power. This entitles the Delhi Lokpal to investigate and prosecute those deemed guilty of corruption. Furthermore, with a citizen’s charter present in all offices, common people too can raise alarm against corruption. Status: Partial success. The Delhi Assembly passed the bill in the year 2015 but Kejriwal can’t claim complete credit for the same. There was Anna Hajare fighting for it, his contribution is equally important. He first resigned over this bill and in his second stint, took 9 months to bring it. However, the 2014 Lokpal had 7 members in the selection committee, 2015 Lokpal had 4.


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9. 47 Fasttrack court

The AAP government promised to set up 47 fast track courts to bring speedy justice. Especially in the cases of sexual harassment and other crimes against women. He also made a promise. That is, the courts will be run in two shifts if required. Status: Distant dream. Government is embroiled in formalities.

10. Introduction of “Suraksha” Button

Additionally, Kejriwal government promised a Suraksha/SOS button in every mobile phone. It is to prompt the police to take immediate action in the crime scene.  Status: Failed.

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