To dream and to live those dreams are entirely different things. But Kevin Varghese, a 24 year old from Jalandhar has proved it wrong. Kevin is an artist manager and online promoter in Mollywood, Pollywood and now in Bollywood too.

Kevin Varghese

At a very tender age he fell for music and learnt classical music for around six years. Meanwhile, he dived into IT and created applications for fun. It led him into deep gorge of amazing codes which fascinated him towards technology. Kevin Varghese was amazed with the power that internet world beholds. He wanted both music and technology together and something out of the crowd. So he blended both to be an online promoter and went into social media networking keeping in mind the growth of e- world. At a very fast pace, he started playing with Orkut, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. To avoid undesired hurdles at first, he observed professionals working in industry. “I used to be very nervous while accepting a new project. But I kept my spirits high and it kept me floating the waves”, recalls Kevin.

Kevin Varghese has worked for numerous amateur artists and lately he has been roped in by Daddy Mohan Records, first music producers of Punjab. He was also part of their Bollywood flick ‘Titoo MBA”.

Kevin Varghese’s Future Plans

Looking at the way Kevin is progressing, we wont be surprised if we find him amongst big stars soon. His schedule is already packed with promotional events of Malayalam, Punjabi and Bollywood assignments. Kevin has just begun, only time will tell where he stops.

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