Political parties and nationalists are rallying about why Fawad Khan should be banned. Because he is making money here and taking it home to Pakistan, the country we hate. Well why just ban Fawad Khan we should ban the pigeons, crows and all other birds too coming from Pakistan. Afterall they too are coming from Pakistan and growing up basis our food grains! Outrageous? Well I did not start it.

The single most potent reason to not ban him would of course be his hotness. And maybe the fact that we live in a free world (A big maybe). But here are some other reasons to not ban Fawad Khan:

With Fawad Khan, Ban Dilip Kumar Too!

If we are to apply to logic of banning Pakistani acting talent, then we may have to go back in time and stop a certain Yusuf Khan from making his Bollywood debut in Jwar Bhata. Yes, we are talking of Dilip Kumar. Dilip Kumar, the famous Bollywood film sensation known for films like Ganga-Jamuna, Mughal-e-azam and Devdas, was born in present-day Peshawar. Let’s transport him back too, shall we?

Dilip Kumar

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Now that we are on the note of sending back talent, let’s ban the magical Coke Studio Pakistan that is a constant on our Youtube lists. Let’s also ban Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shafqat amanat Ali, Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam, Mehdi Hassan, Adnan Sami, Arif Lohar, and hordes of other Pakistani musicians who have given us delightful music. Also, let’s stop having our non-veg dishes cooked in special Pakistani ways like Peshawari and Lahori chicken and mutton.

Another reason to not ban him is to safeguard our gender ratio. The country is not too great for women anyway. Take Fawad Khan away and most of the Indian female population is going to cross the border behind him, causing a migration perhaps as big as the partition. Now, what would Indian men do all day if they didn’t have any women around who they could harass? Therefore, it is in the best interests of everyone that Fawad Khan stays.

Fawad Khan

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If we are banning Fwad Khan, we can also ban Pakistani salwar suits that are becoming the rage in India. Or buy cricket bats made in Sialkot. Oh wait, or all our branded products made in sweatshops in Pakistan!

Why are we going after the wrong Khan?

Another reason to not ban Fawad Khan is because compared to the Indian Khans, he is younger, more handsome and way less murderous. At least he does not have cars that drive themselves or blackbucks that shoot themselves. He is more convincing as a 30 year old than our 50 year old Khan trio always playing the role of the fresh 25-year old.

fawad khan

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As we write this, we are thinking that maybe Fawad Khan SHOULD be banned. He is causing a lot of damage. Imagine the millions of hearts he breaks when he romances a lady on screen. OR the number of hopes he crushes when his female fans find out he is (happily) married. Maybe he should be banned because a country like ours doesn’t deserve him.

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