Very few know that Amla is called ‘Indian Gooseberry’ in English. Rich in vitamin C, Amla has high nutritive properties which can renew our health, covertly. Only condition is to have it regularly each day. Our current lifestyle and food habits are taking toll over our body and if you’re, even, a bit concerned of it, add a glass of Amla juice in your breakfast to get your bodily functions back on track.

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Hair fall

This is such a menace that three in every five people are going through. Even hair products claim to have Amla extracts. No matter how of which brand and their claim of guaranteed quality, it’s chemical composition does ruin your hair scale to great extent. Isn’t it better to have an amla juice itself?

Eye Sight

Age old belief of walking barefoot on morning dewed grass to improve eye sight is nothing but a myth. In fact, having a glass of Amla juice along with honey can do exactly same thing. The carotene in it is helpful in vision related conditions.

Calcium Absorption

You must have seen ads of milk drinks conveying the message of how the calcium we get through milk goes waste due to poor absorption. Amla has vitamin C which helps body absorb calcium.

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Menstrual Cramps

Many women have this painful experience almost every month. But nothing to worry of as amla is again to the rescue. Regular intake of the juice can nullify these muscular jostlings.


It’s no longer a foreign term. We all have at least one family member devoid of sugar and sugar products. Amla helps generate insulin which creates sugar balance in our body. So if you are obsessed with candies and chocolates, you should make friends with amla juice as your health security.

Fat Burner

Hallelujah time for women! Its intake increases protein level which cuts down unwanted fat.

Heart Healer

It reduces cholesterol, chances of stroke and heart attack. Instead it strengthens heart muscles thus, improving the blood flow.

Defence Mechanism

Every year dengue hits the population but if you’re a regular user of amla juice, you’re at bay from it. Amla has anti oxidants and stimulates immune system. It helps in generating white blood cells.

Reduces Ageing

Rich in anti oxidants, it prevents hyperlipidaemia which is the main culprit behind skin ageing.

Relieves Constipation and Piles

Amla juice helps in relieving constipation caused due to piles. It also regulates the bowel movements and cures chronic constipation.

Asthma and Bronchitis

Drinking amla juice with honey twice daily can relieve asthma and bronchitis complications. It also reduces the incidence of chronic cough, allergic asthma and tuberculosis.

One berry is an answer to almost every health problem. Why shouldn’t you drink amla juice? Truth is bitter, so is Amla. But totally worth it, especially if it can make you look young and fat free!

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