Expressing oneself on social media is something that everyone seems to be doing these days. However, some people seem to do it better – regardless of the platform. Some have more followers on twitter while some have more views and comments on their blogs and vlogs than the rest. What is it about blogging that they do differently?

This article addresses tips for blogging, but with some twisting, these can be applied to other media too. You can think of ABC as an acronym for the mantra – Appeal, Bonding and Consistency.

Blogging Tips

A – Appeal

Your blog should have a unique appeal. It does not matter whether you write about unique or special topics or about everyday things. However, there should be a characteristic style in your blogs that let people identify that it’s you who is writing. Essentially, if you write just like everyone else, then there’s no reason for people to seek you out. If on the other hand, you have a characteristic style, a particular way of narrating, then people start identifying your blog, your written material with you. It gives them a person for reference, and thus their engagement with your blog gets personal and long lasting. Take some time out to discover what your style is and hone it to make an impression. For example, in my opinion blogs, I start with describing the phenomenon, a couple of paragraphs on what is wrong or right with it and why, personal instances of engaging with it, and finally, what I did and is being done for the issue.

B –Bonding

Even if people follow you, or links to your blog are visible on their timelines and news feed, the post should look engaging enough for them to go take a look, and hopefully, like or comment, even share. This is all about how you package the blog – the title, the thumbnail image and the first paragraph are usually what are shown on feeds, and these are important. Your title should make the reader want to explore the phenomenon you are talking of. For example, ‘Guess who is rich this Valentine’s day? Archies!’ works better than ‘A monetized V-day’. The first paragraph should describe the aspect you are talking of but leave the rest of the matter lingering, with a question mark in the mind of the reader.


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C – Consistency

It cannot be stressed how important this is. Consistency is more important than frequency. Its fine if you blog once a month too – but do it each month. You need to appear on people’s feeds every now and then for you to have a recognition, a following. Also, consistency entails that you know that you need to appear for a while before people pick up on your appeal and bond with you. So don’t lose heart soon! It doesn’t happen in a month or two.

Finally, a word on using technical options: try to get to know your blog platform well, and use tags, categories and sharing options well to catch potential readers. You will know these well as you play around with the platform.

All the best and happy blogging!


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