The world today values the unusual over the usual, the unconventional over the conventional. Each individual chooses what side they want to play on. Gone are the days when science or commerce graduates were thought to be the smartest people around. But without those who studied the arts and humanities, where would all the literature, music and visual art come from? Alternate professions are slowly becoming mainstream. People have come to realize that there is much more beyond medicine and engineering.

Social Media Fueled Alternate Professions

Social media has not only taken over our personal lives, it has also taken over certain professional lives as well. Being a social media influencer is a high paying job. People with a certain number of followers on Twitter, Facebook and especially Instagram, are approached regularly by companies to promote products ranging from tummy tuckers to fitness tea.

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Food bloggers and style bloggers alike have cashed in on these opportunities as well. Style bloggers in India can often be seen promoting big brands such as Nykaa, BBlunt, All About You by Deepika Padukone. Payment begins at Rs. 500 per post but is subjective to an influencer’s follower count and the frequency of their posts. 

Opportunities In The Food Industry 

If you love food and are tired of your 9 to 5 job, become a food scientist of a sommelier. A food scientist is a fancy term for ice cream taster (or tasting just about anything) and the sommelier is a fancy term for wine tasters. These are real, actual jobs and quite a handful of people work full time. Alternate professions in the food industry are literally a dream come true for many of us.

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Just FYI, ice cream tasters get paid around 30-40 lakhs per year, in case you need this figure to convince your parents to switch careers. Sommeliers with training can charge a hefty for each restaurant they work with.

For all the chai enthusiasts out there, you can become a tea sommelier as well! There are certified courses. Salary begins at Rs. 50,000 per month if you are employed in a good hotel.

For The Rest Of You Wayward People

It might surprise you, but pet sitting is actually an alternate profession that pays handsomely. Pet sitters in India charge between Rs. 250-500 per pet per day. Love animals? This might be the thing for you then.

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If you have a knack for comedy, makeup, or criticizing people, maybe you could become a YouTube or Vine star. If you have the dedication, you can literally make anything your profession. National Geographic recently came up with a new job opening. Travel the world and Instagram your adventures while getting paid for it. Now isn’t that the best career ever?

Although these alternate professions might be here today, gone tomorrow, one should enjoy it while it lasts. The opportunity to do what you love full time, no matter how wacky it is, is a blessing.

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