Until recently, Bollywood didn’t buy scripts that rocked the boat and neither the film makers to say the least. Worse, the censor board is still intolerant about these films that sketch the real picture of our society. Anurag Kashyap’s movies have been unfazed by such dogmatism, because why not show on screen what society does with freedom? The no-holds-barred narrative styles in most of Anurag Kashyap movies touch the raw-nerve and unnerve the familiar air.

Anurag’s expertise is the keen eye for research; it could be because he is the unsung perfectionist who is still striving to attain his due in Bollywood.  Yet, there will be snowballing arguments that he is overrated, while some would crown him as the Tarantino of Bollywood. But the fact remains that he is the undisputed champion of black film genre and a great story-teller.

Here’s suggesting a few Anurag Kashyap movies that a Bolly-buff should never miss:

1. Black Friday

A perfect cinematic homage to the book by Mumbai based journalist – S Hussain Zaidi. Black Friday is the grim tale of and a gory picture of the terror-struck Mumbai in 1993 when 12 consecutive bombs went off at the Mumbai stock exchange.

Anurag Kashyap translated the real-life characters involved therein into the movie (i.e: Kay Kay Menon essayed the role of then Mumbai top cop Rakesh Maria) which invited helluva controversy! But this film is really worth watching because of the unapologetic depiction of the true facts.

Black Friday by Anurag Kashyap

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2. Dev D

It’s a so-close-to-the-ground yet ground breaking juggling of angst, allusion and profanity. Though an adaptation of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s Devdas, the film’s hero lacks the merits of a high-born man but is someone women despise. Dev D has a contemporary overtone but is emotional to the core. So much so that the audience would like to keep the character of Abhay Deol at bay in real life too. Anurag Kashyap as he is a master of the experimental genre, he translated everything literary into contemporary and that really gone down well with the critics at large.

dev d by Anurag Kashyap

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3. Udaan

Though not directed by Anurag Kashyap himself, but produced by him. Udaan comes as a welcome release from the stereotyping of father-son relationships. The topsy-turvy relationship between the father and his sons, his hardliner approach towards them and the sons’ restless to flee his clutch.

The cinematic turmoil opens the audiences to a bitter reality. The film sketches a great paradox between the father’s frustration from his unfulfilled aspirations and the son’s quest to emerge as a writer against his father’s will. It’s a common problem between generations with uncommon nuances. Udaan is a must watch hence.

Udaan Anurag Kashyap

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4. Gangs of Wasseypur part 1 & 2

There is nothing sugar-soaked in Wasseypur. The bossing forces are the impersonators, legendary dacoits and trade unions, everything on coal’s account. Manoj Bajpai’s Sardar Khan gives one message loud and clear that without all the  blood-feud, you don’t avenge your father’s death in a mafia setting. The film is a cluster of gruesome mafia reality, women, blood, swear-words, and trigger-happy bad lots. Bollywood hasn’t seen such great hitman movies in ages and if you swooned over The Godfather, you will probably be happy to find the familiar plot points in both the movies.

GOW - Anurag Kashyap

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5. Gulaal

You can’t miss Gulaal and say you’re an Anurag Kashyap fan. The film has all the cinematic spices that are required to take the film’s standard to superlatives. The story concerned, Kashyap poured his heart into etching every character with equal importance and no to tell about the gritty portrayal of reality. Gulaal proves Kashyap’s forte in making thrillers yet again.

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