As the lifespan of the population extends, we need to have arrangements for our senior citizens. Being left to be cared by their children can lead to a possibility of elder abuse. Therefore, we need to realistically look at the option of old age homes. There are quite a few good ones in India. Many middle and upper class citizens are preferring to admit themselves voluntarily to old age homes. There are some advantages of this.

old age homes

Firstly, there is round the clock care. This may or may not be possible if they were staying in their own house. Secondly, they have company of people of their age. This helps them to not feel lonely. Thirdly, these places follow regular daily routines which help to bring stability which is much required in this age. Here are a few of the old age homes:

1. Navachaithanya Old Age Homes (

These old age homes admit both female and male members and are located in Banaswadi (Bangalore). Facilities include good nursing care, television, yoga classes and help and care for those elderly who can’t move much. Lodging is available for a short as well as a long time.

 2. Anand Dham  (

This is a well-known old age home and one of the best. The location is in Jodhpur, in Rajasthan. It has free as well as paid facilities. The cottages are clean and well maintained. There are options like kitchen and television. There are also other entertainment options like sports, computer lab and religions options like satsang.

old age homes

3. Helpage Elders Village  (

This was stated in 2007 by the organization Helpage International for tsunami survivors. It was primarily made to help the elderly affected by this catastrophe. This village is situated in Chennai. It has options for both active as well as dependent senior citizens.

4. Eventide Home  (

The capacity here is less, of about 25 people. They take in both male and female senior citizens. The old age home focuses on providing a dignified life. Its facilities include lodging, food, medical aid and personal care to its senior residents.

old age homes

5. Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha Old Age Homes  (

The location is in Pune. This is one of the oldest old age homes in India, and has been providing services since 1933. It is one of the best old age homes in Western India. Since their focus is primarily on females (as the name suggests), they have occupancy options for only females or couples but not only males. Their capacity is of 58 females and 4 couples. They provide round the clock medical care, food and other services like cleaning. For entertainment, they have options like cultural programs.

Do you have some other old age homes that you would like to list? Please mention in the comments below.

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