No one in this world can stay away from power of Music! It stirs various emotions in us and also defines our behaviour traits. If you observe closely you can actually do a personality study based on the kind of music one likes. Whether it is music of Bach, Michael Jackson, Beatles, Adele, Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber, it surely acts as a handy guide to our personality study.

Personality Study Through Music

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How music affects us depends on mainly two factors which is:

  1. Type of Personality

  • People who have high self esteem and creative are more inclined to Jazz and Blues genre of music.
  • Introverts are more attracted to Classical and Chilled Ambient genres.
  • Reggae and Rap music fans are more of extroverts and outgoing.
  • Rock and Heavy Metal lovers are mostly with low self esteem and creative but are usually extrovert.
  • Country music lovers are mostly hardworking
  • Electronic music lovers (Techno, Trance, Dubstep, etc.) are mostly party lovers and lively types.

A mix factor does work here i.e. certain type of music does create a different effect based on types of personality, irrespective of age. A 65-year-old scientist may be addicted to Justin Bieber music whereas a 15-year-old teenager might be a big fan of Bach! Off course this is not a generalized division.

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Scientific Insight to Personality Study Through Type of Music

Now science gives very interesting insights into the music. It claims that sad tune sparks more powerful emotions in humans as compared to happy music. It suggests that a melancholic tune activates ancient chill mechanism, a reaction our ancestors felt when they were away from home. Whereas a ballad makes us nostalgic and contemplating. But science also asserts that sadness experienced via music is more pleasant than sadness experienced from having a fight with your loved ones.

Benefits of Music

The benefits of music are rather numerous but let us have a look at few of them.

  • It firstly helps a lot in easing of physical or mental pain.
  • It surely motivates us; thus it plays a big part in the exercising regime of individuals resulting in increased workout endurance of people.
  • Experiments also shows that listening to ambient or classical soft music while sleeping helps in treating insomnia too.
  • While a research suggests that playing a peaceful music while eating, creates a slow down in eating pattern of the individual resulting in less intake of food.

Music also affects and changes our moods and helps decrease the stress level in us. Music Doctors (Yes, a person who holds doctorate of music i.e. D.Mus, D.M. is called a Music doctor) uses specially designed music in treating the patients with mental illness. Certain music when played to a patient relaxes and eases him/her before and after surgery.

Personality Study

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Whatever anyone’s personality be, whatever genre of music he/she prefers, it surely has a powerful effect on our minds. What a complex and complicated yet interesting form the sound i.e. vibrations have taken in the form of music. For me, the definition of music is that it is an art form whose medium is SOUND and SILENCE.

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