A lot of travellers do not consider Bhutan when planning a vacation and this is a lost opportunity because Bhutan is the embodiment of all that is beautiful. Located at the Eastern end of the Himalayas, The Kingdom of Bhutan is bordered by China in the north and India in the east, west and south regions.  This results in a varied climate for the landlocked country with low temperatures in the north and a humid tropical atmosphere in the south. The best time to visit is during spring and autumn, when the hidden gem that is Bhutan emerges in all its beauty.


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Ease of Access

Daily flights to Bhutan are available from all major cities with the travelling time being just under an hour.

Things to Do

Once you reach Bhutan, there are so many activities to choose from, with the first and foremost being trekking and nature tours.

These treks will unravel the natural landscape of Bhutan for you. You will be witness to the mammoth glaciers, immaculate freshwater lakes and some endangered species of animals. Whether the trek is for a day or for a week, irrespective of having to live in a tent away from human interaction, this is not something you want to miss out on.

The treks could be either a walking trek or a cycling trek depending on your intentions. There are many treks available, but the most popular trek is the Druk Path Trek which begins at Paro and ends in Thimphu. This is a six day trek during which you will have to live in a tent in the quiet, picaresque landscape.  While on the trek, you will encounter the natural unhindered mountainous landscape in all its splendour as well as visit ancient villages and Dzongs of Bhutan.


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Local Festivals

If you are in Bhutan during the festival of Tshechu, then you are in luck because this is an experience of a lifetime. This festival is performed on the tenth day of the month of the lunar calendar in celebration of Guru Rampoches’ birthday. This festival is a myriad of colours and beauty as it involves Bhutanese dancing in a variety of splendid masks as well as other entertainment. It is also important as it is believed that every individual should experience it once in their lives in order to wash away their sins.

Bhutan Local Festival

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Bhutan Local Festival

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The Famous Monastery

A trip to Bhutan is incomplete without a trip to the Tiger’s Nest or Tasktsang Monastery. This has become a symbol of Bhutan and the view from the top is breathtaking. It is a 3 hour trek to the Monastery, but it is absolutely worth the journey once you reach the top.

Tiger's Nest Bhutan

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National Dish Of Bhutan – Ema Datshi

Do not forget to try out the National dish of Bhutan, Ema Datshi with its concoction of chillies and local cheese which leaves you with enough heat to keep you warm for the rest of your trip! A must try is also the much loved steamed dumpling, Momo which has earned National and International fame.


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Momos in Bhutan

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Natural Springs

Complete your trip to Bhutan with a visit to one of its natural springs or Rejuvenation centres where you can treat yourself to a spa day comprising traditional Bhutanese relaxation techniques. This is a great end to your trip after the long hours of trekking and you owe it yourself to just unwind in the midst of such natural beauty.


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Bhutan Natural Springs

(Natural Springs)

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Slice of Heaven

It is impossible to not fall in love with Bhutan after visiting it as it not only provides you with memories of incredible panoramas, but the combination of beauty and serenity is something that is difficult to find elsewhere. The culture, tradition and majesty of the place will remain with you for the rest of your life and this trip is extremely affordable if you travel with a group of friends and family or even an assigned contingent. Be sure to carry the appropriate clothing for your trip as temperatures reach quite low during night time, especially if you decide to go trekking.  So, pack your bags and jet set to the adventure that is Bhutan!

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