They say that blood is thicker than water. To be fair, I never understood this. Of course blood is thicker than water, what is that even supposed to reference? But even letting such a ridiculous expression go, there is something that can blow blood-ties and lifelong affection out of the water: a simple thing like family wealth!

Family Wealth - Blood is thicker than water

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If you have never witnessed this in your family, consider yourself either terribly unlucky or terrifically blessed. It’s either because there wasn’t much family wealth to fight over or it means that you come from a remarkably nice family. I mean nice in the actual sense of the word, not in the ‘boy from nice family’ kind of way.

You can usually fit this into categories:

Power-Mad Parents

The parents play their grown children against each other for some kind of strange power trip. They start gossip, instigate fights, keep changing their minds about who will get what, and stand back and watch it all unfold. I feel, this is because these are those parents who never wanted children! Having no choice then, now want revenge or at least get twisted entertainment for all the years they didn’t have fun because of their children.

Family Wealth

This is Hitler: Alois, Adolph’s dad. Now, I don’t know what the point is. Pic via

Whining Brothers

Unfortunately, this is also a rather large group. Men of a certain kind and a certain generation take great offence if their parents decide that they’re not going to go with gender norms. The parents decide that their daughters didn’t stop being their children just because they got married, and write them into their wills.

A certain type of brothers forgets all about affection for their sisters and see red when they realise that this has happened. They often stay quiet while everybody is alive and well, because this kind of people will never risk getting cut off by kicking up a fuss.

But barely does the mourning period finish before the brothers start the bother. They badger and bully their sisters, and when that doesn’t help, they start whining constantly. It usually ends in the sisters giving up and just giving their brothers what they want.

Family Wealth

Rather unfortunate choice of words there. Pic via

Squabbling Siblings

This usually starts when the parents expect some peace and enjoyment, possibly with grandchildren to spoil. But they get heavy-handed hints and broad suggestions about what to do with the fruit of all that hard work. When one sibling starts, of course, others chime in, This results in insults, fights, snide remarks, sarcasm and schisms.

Family Wealth

Let them! Pic via

Therefore blood may be thicker than water but not precious than family wealth!

My view might be controversial but I do think that if your parents have educated you and not passed on any hereditary diseases that will require very expensive treatment for the rest of your life, they are entitled to fritter away whatever they have completely frivolously if they so desire. They’re entitled to leave it all to their cats. It is, in a word, theirs, and they can do what they like with it.

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