Dieting can be an exhausting process. If you’re calorie counting in order to lose weight, you need to find out how many food calories you need on a daily basis. This is usually different from person to person. It varies according to your weight, height, age, gender, to name the least. Honestly, shedding pounds has no secret behind it, you just need to follow this simple mantra “use more than you consume”. This means that you have to USE more calories, work it out, and consume less.

So to make things more transparent for you, we bring to you the calorie count of these daily food items which is pretty much consumed in every household- keep in mind that the exact number of calories may vary.

We hope this helps you to kick start your day by planning your calorie chart smartly!

1. Apple, medium: 72 calories

Apples are the most popular choice of fruits for people of a diet. It’s light, healthy and filling. You really don’t have to hesitate before grabbing one. Also, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away!

apple calorie count

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2. Banana, medium: 105 calories

Having two bananas for a meal is good enough to give you sufficient energy to survive for the next few hours. In the popular GM diet or General Motors diet, bananas occupy an entire day. But please be careful not to overdose on the same, this can prove to be fatty.

3. Bread (one slice, wheat or white): 66 calories

Yes, you read it right. Wheat bread (brown bread) and white bread have approximately the same amount of calorie count. Brown bread is considered to be healthier than white not because of calorie intake but due to the fact that wheat has more nutrition while maida has no nutrition!

bread calories

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4. Coffee (brewed, regular, black): 20 calories

This is good news for our coffee lovers! Coffee is actually recommended when you’re on a diet. It boosts your metabolism and helps you to work out harder.

5. Egg (large, scrambled): 102 calories

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, on a diet or otherwise. And what is a good breakfast without egg? The amount of protein egg gives you, is absolutely necessary for your body. We strongly recommend you to add eggs to your “must eat” list.


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6. Ice cream (vanilla, 4 ounces): 145 calories

Here is another good news for you! Eating a small bowl of vanilla ice cream after dinner helps with digestion.  Please note however, we said SMALL.

7. Ketchup (1 tablespoon) : 15 calories

We hope after this you will not take ketchup for granted. Ketchup has its own share of calories, and needs to be consumed in a limit.


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8. Rice (white, long grained, cooked, one bowl): 205 calories

Rice is a strict NO-NO if you’re on a diet. Though, you can have a bowl once in a fortnight. But please do try avoiding it as much as possible.

 9. Orange juice (8 ounces): 112 calories

Orange juice does no harm to you if you’re on a diet, but has no benefit either. Instead, we suggest you to eat raw orange, as it gives you more fibre and vitamins. Follow a simple rule “Eat your fruits, drink your vegetables”

We decided to save the best for the last!

10. Pizza (pepperoni, regular crust, ONE SLICE): 298 calories

Don’t even think about it….


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