An independent woman is not a shoe-in for the marriage markets in India. Come on, the stereotyped model of being Sanskari doesn’t allow our women to call a spade a spade, argue, chase her dreams, choose different sex partners, or even dump men who ill-treats them. Oh aren’t we the tribe that fears, err! Do we thrive on societal creeds or is the insecurity?


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Your success cannot be digested by all in the society

As crass as it may sound, a strong woman is always a reason behind a man’s insecurity. Men want unquestioned allegiance, if sarcastically put, they want from their wives/girlfriends what they don’t have from their business associates. Still worse, women are kept at the receiving end of many anecdotal evidences to slut-shame, intimidate, pulled back and what not. But the irony lay in the fact that only insecure people take jibe at strong people to appear confident.

Powerful Women Give Insecurity

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Strength of a woman

Emotional strength is far more hard-gotten that physical strength and a woman who is endowed with such will always be someone whom other women can trust; she will have a tribe of her own that rules out the requirement of male members when it comes to partying, hopping about breweries or smoking weed. The tribe that is her support system will beat the ego out of any man.

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Now that women have scaled big professional heights, men still are of the opinion that they need to be saved. But to tell you the truth, she needs to be appreciated for who she is and men with weaker merits don’t do that rather they crumble into insecurity. Note to men: the only time strong women are helpless when her nail polish is drying.

Beauty with brain – a big threat to chauvinism

What’s more terrifying to insecure men is beauty with brains. While some men get absolutely turned on by the combination, the rest (read the average) class of men find it too lethal to be present in a woman. What worries the man is that she will adjust her sails if the wind isn’t blowing in her favor amidst deadly storm. Frank Sinatra, once quoted as saying, “ I like intelligent women, when you go out, it shouldn’t be a staring contest”, it’s so-as-to-speak too unwomanly to be stupid.

A strong and intelligent woman who is well versed in politics, will also float few lines from Tagore’s masterpieces on a starry romantic night. She would talk at length about neo-liberalism and women emancipation inspired by ‘The Beauty Myth’. To an insecure man’s worst nightmare, an intelligent woman will make him play the sidekick to her in a gathering hogging all the limelight thus leaving him more insecure.

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There are many yardsticks set by the society to clip a strong woman’s wings, yardsticks that signal at a man’s sky-rocketing insecurity. But a strong and smart woman will know she has no limits, she will be confident without being arrogant and light up a jealous man’s life with more laughter.

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