When a woman in her mid 20s there are several dilemmas that she deals with. This is a checklist on the Dos and Donts for the women in her 20s.

1. Stop Freaking Out That You Couldn’t Plan A Trip To All Those Exotic Destinations On Your List

For now, if your annual Goa trip is doing fine with you, make the most of it rather than cribbing about unaccomplished pursuits. Perhaps in your 30s you’ll have tons of time and money to sail around Venice!

2. Be Proud Whether You Eat A Well Balanced Breakfast At 7 am Or A Bar Of Granola At Noon

What’s more, you can pretend like it counts for breakfast.

3.Kill The Feeling You Get When God Forbid Your Laziness Didn’t Let You Wash Your Make-Up Off Before Bed

Listen, you do it almost every day or you’ll sometimes go without, which is why facials exist anyway.

4. Know That You’re Beautiful Whether You Wear Make-Up or No

There’s no harm, no guilt in wearing all that make-up you want to wear all the time. As there’s nothing to be sad about in case make-up doesn’t suit you or you’re not the types who would wear make-up. Your beauty is you, and make-up or no make-up can only do little to change the fact.

5. Accept That Maybe You Will Never Accept Meditation

And the fact that maybe your ideal self never leaves her phone alone because that’s how you roll.

6. Stop Looking For That One Magical Exercise You Will Fall In Love With

And realize this – serious frantic shopping, running around to catch a bus and dancing in your room all totally count as exercise!

7. Realize You’re Still A Professional Even If You’re Not Walking Around In A Blazer

There are many of us who simply cannot get used to the idea of donning blazers to work and meetings. So be it. Do not stress over a cause which is but of minuscule value. If those blazers make you feel like some 1980s stand-up comedian, DO NOT TOUCH IT.

8. Come To Terms With The Fact That Having A Signature Gloss/Perfume/ Mascara Might Never Be A Thing For You

Well, yeah, because you are a goddamn onion that comes with layers. Also, I just realized that I brought onions into what could’ve been a beautiful sentiment. Oh well, but I did try. I really did.

9. Quit The Thought That You’re Spineless Just Because You Can’t Tell Your Frenemies To Go To Hell In Kind Of Some ‘Dramatic Movie Scene’ Way

Usually it’s much wiser to just post “happy birthday” on their Facebook walls than to confront them with – You’re a real downer. But of course, in due course of time you sure may tell them to eff off for better.

10. Do Not Urge Yourself Into Talking With Your Parents If They Make You Feel Like Shit

It is a myth that all parents can be approached by their children in times of need and disparity. While of course most parents do help out their children, many may just leave them feeling miserable. Usually it may happen so if you didn’t fulfill their exact wishes, which is sad indeed. But my advice to you is stay as away as possible and sure bump into them only when unavoidable.

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