We criticize our Chief Ministers for various reasons. While some are supported by facts other are absolutely baseless. Having said that, there are still some extremely good ministers who strive to give their state and country development and stability to the fullest.

Bellow mentioned are 5 Chief Ministers that must be lauded for doing their job right!

1. Pawan Chamling

Chief Minister

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Mr. Pawan Chamling holds the record for being the longest standing Chief Minister of India. He was also the founding president of the Sikkim Democratic Front that governed the state five years in succession.

The initiatives taken by Mr. Pawab Chamling has helped Sikkim to eradicate poverty, promote tourism, improve the state infrastructure and provide better technology to its citizens. He has also contributed towards increasing the literacy ratio in the state and therefore generate enough jobs for the people.

2. Jayalalitha

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Jayaraman Jayalalithaa has been one of the most successful Chief Ministers in the country much as Mr. Narendra Modi. Former Rajya Sabha Member and second woman CM of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha is headstrong, fluent in multiple languages and an able administrator. Her pro poor politics has won her tremendous amount of fame and an assured win during the state elections of 2016.

Jayalalitha’s especially relevant initiatives like solar powered concrete house construction for present mud house users, bicycle distribution for children living distant from schools, Post Tsunami Rehabilitation mission, setting up of Amma Canteens and many others schemes has benefited the poor largely.

3. Shivraj Singh Chauhan

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He is the current Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and a member of the BJP party. Mr. Shivraj Chouhan is the recipient of the highly acclaimed UN Public Service Award. He has initiated schemes focused on prevention of female infanticides such as the Ladli Laxmi Jojna and Suraksha Yojna to help the rising gender disparity in the state.

Apart from the above initiatives he has begun the Public Service Delivery Guarantee Act to deliver public service in stipulated time frame. Failing to do so, the service provider will be fined and applicant shall receive compensation for the inconvenience. The Samadhan Ek Din Mein Programme seeks to provide various certificates sought by the applicant on the same day itself.

4. Nitish Kumar

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Nitish Kumar served as the Chief Minister of Bihar from 2005 to 2014. He deserves credit for achieving highest cumulative growth rate of GDP in Bihar during his tenure as compared to other states for that period.

Under him the state government provides free education to ST, SC and girl students till Post Graduation. The Bihar Public Grievance Redressal Bill was passed stating duty and time bound grievance addressing, failure to do so leading to dismissal of officials from service. The Telecom Ministries launch of app Disha to promote digital literacy was a masterstroke.

5. Lal ThanhawlaChief Ministers

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Lal Thanhawla is the Chief Minister of Mizoram since 2008. He has also the winner of National Citizen, and Mother Teresa Lifetime Award. Lal Thanhawla has reclaimed his seat after two previously stints as the Chief Minister of the state. His Smoke Free Mizoram Project aims to make Mizoram tobacco free.

The Mizoram-UN Joint Initiative Project, the first of its kind aims at large scale development across different fields such as food security, livelihood, energy environmental security and many more. His efforts surely puts Mizoram in a must visit place list.

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