Christmas is a time for celebration and sweet tooth but are you getting bored with the age old style of celebrations? We surely are! Therefore we feel like doing some very different this year. Here are some ideas to give your Christmas celebrations a new look:

Gift an experience

People tend to put a lot of money into buying each other gifts for Christmas celebrations. Especially when secret santa becoming so trendy, it is difficult to escape the culture of gifting. But most gifts will stay on desks or inside cupboards and be forgotten. To change this outcome, you can do something. What you can do? Well don’t gift a gift! That sounds so cool! Yeah so then what can you do for your Christmas celebrations???

Plan and buy an experience! It could be a getaway vacation, an exquisite dinner, a nice stage show/concert, a walk through an unknown street, a party with strangers or something else which is very unique. You would create everlasting memories and that is all what we all want!

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Adopt the Christmas Celebrations from a new place

Have you ever wondered how do the Chinese celebrate Christmas? Well, now is a time to get onto a great adventure. There are many countries all over the world that celebrate Christmas in their own ways. Why not adopt to their way of Christmas celebrations for a change? This can be a fun project, especially if you have kids in the house. The learning can benefit everyone, and it will make for a memorable experience.

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Get away from the city lights for Christmas celebrations

Fairy lights and twinkling Christmas trees crowd our vision during this holiday. But Christmas is really about gratitude and connection and helpfulness. How about going out of town to that small church which you would always observed on a hill top but never visited? Saying your prayers by a candle light dinner by the hill, under a canopy of stars, can be such a beauty in itself.

An Act of Kindness

Since we mentioned helpfulness… You could help to spread the cheer by undertaking a pledge to do “An Act of Kindness” a day. This could be done in various ways like adopting a poor family or by buying gifts, books and toys for underprivileged children. There are many NGOs looking for donations and volunteers. Do your research well and you could make your Christmas celebrations an enriching experience.

Give love to your love

Do you have a sweater that you love? And do you have a sister you love? Then give your sweater to your sister! This small exercise not only brings us close to people we love but also helps you to get over with your attachment to material things. Both could be important lessons to learn this holiday season.

Experiment with food and decorations

Can you make healthy substitutes for all the fattening dishes? Or can you use eco-friendly and recycled material for your decoration? Give your Christmas celebrations a healthy and environment friendly spin by changing the materials and foodstuffs that you use to celebrate.

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Overall, what makes your Christmas ‘unique’ is up to you. What matters is celebrating it in the right spirit!

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