Have you seen yourself without being self guarded? Did you see    your inner thoughts, desires, ideas, actions, words without a protective shield? Have you seen your soul without a cover? You have layers and layers of layers around your soul. Protective layers of different kinds and types, sizes and shapes, visible or invisible form. Armors!


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While reading this, you might be wondering what exactly are these protective layers? Armors are widely classified, based on the form of its expression. Armor in thoughts, ideas, actions, speech, behaviors, relationships, etc.

Emotional armors

(Crying! When someone strips your persona by revealing your true nature, and you don’t want to accept it and you try to avoid it by crying, though not every form of crying is emotional armor).

Mental armors

Mostly expressed in the form of thoughts, i.e., I cannot go there as the whole territory is unknown for me, this shows armor with fear as the basic quality in it.

Physical armors

Touching! When a poor person tries to touch us and we react immediately and get into a quarrel with him/her, quite immature form of armor.

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These armors and their examples are just explained here to get an idea. Armors can be more deeply rooted and sometimes impossible to come face to face with. And it exists in many forms too.

You have hardly ever sensed or felt your soul since childhood. All you have come across are your layers. Those layers which you wore unconsciously or consciously around yourself since you were a kid. So how did you wear them? Some were worn by you by external forces, circumstances and situations around you. Some were worn by you in your reactions to those forces. Lastly, many were worn by you because of impersonation from your surroundings, environment, society, parents, friends, teachers or relatives.

To Conclude

Armor is very good when used as a protective mechanism, but it becomes useless and hinders ourselves in every way when used without any requirement, in our case the soul. False layers create facade which not only make you insincere, dishonest and an imposter but it robs of your inner humbleness and guilelessness. The shine of life force and energy of the universe dims in you slowly with the increased usage of armors. In the current world, all around us we see people with heavy armors. I repeat, extremely heavy armors. Armors which are not at all relevant in today’s time are still carried by people around us.

To get rid of this false face is not an easy task. Since ages many souls who were stripped off with this disguise came and tried to help humanity with the solutions to loosen its wrapping around us. Though we sometimes respected them, we are also known to stone them because they tried to strip our armor! In any case, armors aren’t helpful to us in any way as they stop us from revealing ourselves with our true nature. What else can be more evil? 

Help yourself and get rid of the unwanted ones, now!

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