Skincare is by far the most important part of women’s routine since ancient times. Though technology has advanced to a place where man has found more than a hundred ways to mix a plethora of chemicals to make the perfect skincare substance, nothing beats home-made remedies that have been proven to show results compared to the former. Here a three basic ways you make yourself or anyone for that matter fall deeply in love with your skin!

A Cuppa Coffee is all you need for your skincare

Exfoliation is the most important skincare treatment that has to be included in your weekly or at times daily routine. This exfoliation method has proven to take away all those stubborn dead-cells that make your skin look dry, flaky and dehydrated. This method or magic paste will give you baby soft skin assuredly. Here’ how you go about it-


– Coffee Beans (Grounded)

– Brown Sugar

– Olive oil/ Coconut Oil


Mix the ground coffee beans, brown sugar and the oil in small bowl. Get whisking and make a coarse paste of all the ingredients. The next would be massage your skin all over your body with this paste for a good 10-15 minutes. Wait for 15  mins more before your wash it off with lukewarm water.  Right after you wash it off, pat your skin dry and immediately moisturize your skin with coconut oil. The moisturizing post the exfoliation will lock the moisture in your skin. Voila! You have baby soft skin that smoother than butter!

Coffee beans for skincare

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Sunshine Face Mask

Turmeric, a humble root is known for it’s anti-bacterial properties and also as one the best skincare ingredients. When mixed with other ingredients this little root can give you a glowing complexion! Prepare a face-mask with it and see wonders. Here’s a simple mask to start off with.


-Turmeric powder

– Gram flour

– Honey

– Curd


Firstly, make sure you a have small bowl of coarsely ground gram flour. Mix all the ingredients in the bowl and make a smooth paste. Apply the mixture all over your face and neck, making sure you avoid areas like eyes and lips. Leave this paste on for 15 minutes or till the mask is dried. Wash it off with lukewarm water so your pores are open. Once washed, pat your skin dry with a towel and never rub your skin hard with a towel as it just hurts the sensitive skin on your face. Complete this, by applying just two-drops of coconut oil or baby oil for supple glowing skin.

turmeric powder for skincare

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Skincare has been passed down to us for generations and though there have been various inventions with skincare regime, the best you could do for your skin is to count on the most natural ingredients that you can find on kitchen counter. Home remedies are have been counted upon by many over the years, with proven results. Owing the natural ingredient with no chemical base, they practically have no allergic reaction or side-effect either. So go exploring your kitchen and find your best skincare regime there.

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