An anonymous person called up New York police department as he doubted that there is a dead body lying in his neighborhood. He confirmed that smell of decomposition of bodies was emanating from the house. Police troops lined up at the venue and they couldn’t believe what they found when they went inside. After 5 hours of trying to extract the things from the house they found 2 dead bodies. The entire house was filled with newspaper bundles, packages, empty cardboard boxes, frame of baby carriage, rake, old umbrellas tied together. Police reported that they had removed around 120 tons of junk and debris from the house! The two dead bodies were of two hoarders who died of starvation and heart attack amidst their junk.

Hoarders Room Sight

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Guide to Hoarders Mind

This tendency of accumulating junk and useless products is considered as Compulsive hoarding. Across the globe we see many cases of finding people dead amidst their junk. It is a scary and rather a frightening disease. I have given you this example for bringing into your attention in case you find faint signs of this tendency.

Have you ever thought of your overfilled drawers and cupboards? Full with useless junk which you haven’t used or even seen for ages. Even after years you might not remember what lies inside it. But you cannot let it go too. Why? It’s a common hoarders’ tendency to hold on to things. We get attached to them and it becomes difficult to let it go, even though we are not really sure whether we will use it in the future or not.

Hoarders Room

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Piles of papers, clothes, books, unusable broken furniture and things, food in the kitchen cabinets which is hardly used, refrigerator with rotten food. If see any of these around you in your house or any of your relatives, friend’s house then it’s time to buckle up and start moving the items to trash, same as we do in our computers.

Look around your house. Just let go the useless things. Yes, the dear and near gifts which are lying in the cupboards has to go too. Keep the things which are bare essential for your survival. I repeat bare essential. Another thing which you need to understand is regarding shopping. Just pause and look back at your previous shopping items. Which of the products were really useful and must have for you? It’s a waste of time to reduce possessions easily if you keep buying unnecessarily.

Minimalism is a new mantra in interior designing department. Why not learn from that and utilize it in our life. Minimal lifestyle! How about that? Why ‘Apple’ by Steve Jobs has created a huge fan following? There are many reasons for that but one of them is minimalism. Using that which is necessary.

Minimal Amenities

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Imagine your room with white walls. Just a table, chair, mattress and nothing else. Wouldn’t it appeal you visually? Lastly after the exterior junk is removed we can move on to minimal lifestyle internally too but we will talk about that some other day. For now, lets keep the minimal mantra in our mind and remove the useless and unnecessary objects from our house.

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