Is it the umpteenth time that your doctor has told you that drinking water is the solution to all our problems? Shooting up 16 glasses a day on the day after the doctor’s visit but fizzled out to 4 glasses within a week – does this sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone. But here are some quirky ways to remind yourself to drink water!

drink water

Every time you visit the restroom, drink water

Perhaps the easiest way to remember to chug in some water is right after you flushed some out. Since tea and coffee form an important part of our daily life, they can dry us up within. They are diuretics and so they put you in the minus balance scenario as far as your water levels are concerned. Therefore, down a glass of water each time you step out of the loo.

Every time you window-shop online

E-commerce websites are going crazy, with a sale every now and then. The result? Sometimes you get too excited and you overspend. At other times, you have no option so you just window shop and create favourite lists. Especially if you are a shop-a-holic, this is a good way to remind yourself to drink water. Every time you open a shopping or ecommerce app, gulp down a few sips!

drink water

Every time you check Facebook

Being the most active network, Facebook is also a big distraction. A good way to get your fill and to remind yourself to start working again or to get off the screen, is to drink water. You can associate the blue of Facebook, and even twitter, with water. You can have a draft status update or draft tweet asking yourself to drink water. In fact, you can even create a trend out of it by making a pact with fellow Facebook and Twitter buddies.

Every time you crave a forbidden food

Having more water than you do is a big part of being on a diet. They say that your tummy should have one third water, one third food and one third air! No wonder you were putting on kilos by having food for all three sections! Research suggests that when you crave a food, it is often just an empty stomach signalling to be filled up. The most nutrition-rich food you can give your body in that moment is actually water. It contains nutrients like minerals and vitamins. It helps to improve your oxygen-carbon dioxide balance and reduces your craving.

drink water

Every time you check out your office crush

Well well, now we have hit the nail on the head. If you like him/her a lot, you also want to look good. Water makes your skin glow, it also flushes out toxins and helps with blood flow, making you look peachy overall. So, chug down some water whenever you check out that cute crush.

So, these are some everyday events and instances that you can use to your advantage to get yourself to drink more water. Hope you feel more hydrated already!

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