The humble bedroom, where the young and old both have started spending a lot of time in, also making it a den of sorts is a place that deserves a place in home décor ideas. If you’re someone who loves DIY or even just like doing up your rooms with simple but great ideas, then you’re at the right place.

Bedrooms can’t remain all plain Jane anymore, it’s not just a room where you stuff your bed and wardrobe. It’s a room that deserves as much importance in home décor as the living room does. Sleeping in a colorful room or a room done up to your taste is much better than looking at plain dull walls. So take up this new home décor plan of doing up your bedroom with easy DIY ideas.

1. Symphony of Books & Bedroom

If you’re a book worm then you’re right on target with this idea because it involves books. Though a little time consuming, this home décor project will be quite rewarding to book lovers.

For Booker Headboard the things required are:

Old unused books or just old books you will never use.
One big ply wood piece (size depends on how big you want your headboard to be.)
Feviquick- 5 tubes.
Clear Guesso Paint- 5 Bottles.
Black Paint- 1 tub.


Step 1: First get your plywood ready with black paint all over it and allow it to try thoroughly. Once you’re done with that, move on to dividing your book right to the center of it, then stick the two open pages to the ones behind them. Now paint all your open paged books with clear Guesso and allow to dry. Incase you want to fasten the drying process with the books, just go ahead and use your hair dryer on low heat.

Step 2: Once that step is taken care off, it’s all about just sticking your books to the plywood with the Feviquick, which is basically a really strong glue. Now put your board up right above where your head rests on your bed. Use a drill gun a make a hole in the wood as well the wall to hang your board up properly. Now, wake up with the smell and sight of your old books every morning. For an added effect, you can line the borders of the board with your favorite colored rice lights. The best and most recommended would be yellow rice lights, for a warm ambient feel.

Bedroom Decor 1

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2. Candle holder jars

For those in love with candles and yellow lights this DIY project is just perfect. Also, this home décor idea doesn’t limit you to just to your bedroom, this can be put up anywhere around your home. It looks great along a table or above a fire place.

Things required:

Old mason jars or jam jars (as many as you’d like)
Different styles of Lace- 1 meter or as per requirement
Dried twigs- small sized and according the size of jars.
Jute string- as per requirement
Feviquick- as per requirement


Wash and clean your jars thoroughly to remove all stains from them. Apply glue to your lace and stick it all around your jar. Do three jars with three different styles of lace for an effective look. With the next set of jars, glue the dried twigs all around the jar and wait for it to dry completely, now to finish it off, tie a string around the twigs. For the next set, wrap the jute string all around the jars but in a lose manner. Also, remember to stick your string as you wrap it around the jar. Now, for the last step, place tea lights or small candles inside the jars and light them up. Place these three different style alternatively for an added rustic feel.

Bedroom Decor 2

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Get going with these simple ideas and change the way your room or bedroom looks.

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