The world knows the US Navy SEALs as an elite set of personnel working for the US army. They are highly trained professional in rescue operations. These military men train day in and day out to be the best when it comes to saving lives. There are one set of personnel who are specially trained in water rescue operations.


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US Navy SEALs Training

The training of these men consists of various water exercises and rigorous tests. Besides being hard trained to run on the wet sands of the sea shores, they are also tested for their core strength. As a part of this the brave souls are tested under the water to check for the amount of time that they can hold their breath. The drown proofing test a part of this program and was developed by one man in 1940. It is still carried out as the best technique to gauge a US Navy SEALs officer’s skills.


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How does the test take place?

For the test, both hands and feet are tied by a rope and then the soldiers dive into a 9 feet pool. In the next step they have to bounce their entire body to come above the water surface while coming up and same time touch the bottom of the pool while going down. The process has to be repeated for a minimum of two times. Surely it takes lot of physical strength to be able to go down by force and be able to touch the pool floor.

Once this task is completed, the soldiers are commanded to do back flip and swim for a certain distance. Another challenging task of this training is to pick up masks from the pool’s floor bed by using just their teeth. One must remember that to be able to stay under water one has to hold breath continuously. In such a time, opening the mouth to pick up the mask with their teeth is absolutely difficult.


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Every term there are several recruits that sign up however only a selected few clear such arduous test and qualify for the next level. We salute the bravery of these soldiers and wish them all the safety and strength for a glorious career ahead.

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