WARNING: For those GoT fans still scrambling to watch the first episode of season 6, there might be some spoilers ahead. Watch first, read later.

Last season ended on a high note. If you were expecting this season to begin on the same note, you might be slightly disappointed. But that will definitely not last long. Recapping last season, Tyrion and Varys end up in Meereen, Cersei is punished and humiliated, Arya takes revenge, Sansa escapes, and a ship sets sail from Dorne.

Which brings us back to this season of GOT?

Surprises galore, this episode is a great beginning to this season, setting the stage for future episodes full of twists and turns.

Dany is out looking for life, food and perhaps a horse in the vast green meadow (that never seems to end) when she is ambushed by a large Dothraki horde. Khal Moro’s entry into the playing field is a sure shot sign that things for Dany are going to get super complicated. Or maybe Drogon will rescue her again?


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Jon Snow

Jon Snow oh Jon Snow,

You who know nothing,

Are you alive?

Or are you dead?

We don’t know yet. While we see him stone cold dead in the snow at Castle Black, Melisandre’s appearance in the same room that his body hints at Lord of the Light magic happening later in the season.

What happens to Sansa and Theon?

Sansa and Theon encounter hounds and Ramsay’s men. And then they encounter Brienne of Tarth. Their initial encounter did not go quite as well as viewers would have hoped. Going by this interaction, an entire episode dedicated to the adventures of Sansa and Brienne seems like a possibility.


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Let us take a moment and appreciate what Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes have accomplished.

“Weak men will never rule Dorne again.”


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Literal goose bumps can be experienced when you listen to Ellaria Sand say this to Prince Doran. We can only wait and see how the upheaval in Dorne will affect King’s Landing, especially with Jaime’s return from Dorne with a body on board.

Lord Tyrion

Let us not forget Tyrion, who is in charge of Meereen, along with Varys as Jorah and Daario go out looking for Dany. But that pearly ring she dropped on the ground has some sort of significance. We will just have to wait and see.

The most brutal revelation is the ending scene. So far, we have seen Melisandre as an all-powerful sorceress who ultimately gets her way. But this scene will make each viewer question, who Melisandre really is.

What to expect?

As the episode progresses, one might be inclined to look at it as females of the realm coming out on top, consistently. Dany’s sharp retort, Brienne’s pledge to Sansa, Sansa regally responding, Melisandre’s deep secret revelation and Cersei’s handling of yet another loss, are all stellar examples of what we can expect from the rest of this season.

It might be good to keep in mind for those who are fans of the books and the TV show, that the show is starting deviate from the books. The unexpected is going to keep happening as the viewers are kept on edge throughout each episode of this season. Book fans will finally stop saying “This was not in the books!”, “This is not how it happened!” or some variation of both.

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