India is no longer a country that only has engineers and doctors as professionals, there are various other areas that are gaining great support, one of it being, running a Food Truck. These mobile vehicles serving delicious goodness are gaining popularity not just in one city but also all over the country.

This trend started in the west but India did not take time to get this idea on the road. Not just that, they are doing great with increasing fan base along and  getting other chefs to join them on the go.

Look at these two dessert queens on the go in two different cities of India. They did a great job in making something simple available easily and showed a completely different take on food trucks in India.

1. Frugurpop, New Delhi   (The Popsicle food truck)

With the capital having to go through extreme temperatures in both summer and winter, what better way to beat the heat in Delhi with a Popsicle food truck! Frugurpop does exactly that. This food truck serves up lip smacking popsicles with natural fruit pieces and other gourmet Popsicle flavors.

The best thing is making them available around the city where people can get theirs on the go. They serve up frozen goodness like the ‘Triple berry’, which has blueberry, strawberry and raspberry pieces. For chocolate lovers there is the ‘Le chocolatier’ with exotic dark chocolate and coffee lovers do not miss out as they also serve up a Tiramisu Popsicle. This food truck mainly does its rounds around Gurgaon in Delhi. So don’t miss out on this frozen goodness if you’re in the capital.

Food Truck - Frugpop

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2. Sweetish House Mafia (Cookie Food Truck)

Who doesn’t like desserts, especially if they’re chunks of goey goodness. The Sweetish House Mafia is not really a truck but a little nano that goes around the city. Like good things come in small packets this nano carries with it delicious, mouth-watering cookies that melt in your mouth instantly.

They operate by sharing their location for the day on Twitter but make sure you’re there soon because their stuff gets sold out in about less than 15 minutes sometimes. Two cookie flavors that are a must-have are the ‘Nutella and Sea-salt’ cookie and the ‘Double chocolate truffle’ cookie. While the Nutella one has chunks of Nutella and chocolate chips topped with Sea-salt’, the dark chocolate has a goey chocolate center which will make you quite happy if you’re a true lover of chocolate.

The Sweetish House Mafia food truck also serves basic flavors like oatmeal and raisins. What stands out with their cookies are that they’re soft and crumbly, just the right texture and the right amount of sugar. While the little blue nano goes around the city in areas like Andheri, they’ve also opened two stores in Lower Parel and Bandra west in Mumbai.

Food Truck - The Sweetish House Mafia

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If you love desserts and are looking for something on the go, these food trucks are sure to satisfy your cravings and are worth the money as well. While Frugurpop is a healthy take on popsicles, the Sweetish House Mafia does complete justice by giving you a big portion of cookie that’s delicious and crumbly.

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