Antibiotics have become a modern day amenity. Everyone, nowadays, becomes hyper with the slightest of degradation of health and want instant and fast relief. We decided to give you a reality check, this time! Antibiotics have done their bit by proving to be a miracle in some case but that does not mean you succumb to it and forget everything else. We still encourage you to go by the Bibles written by your grandmothers and not consume chemicals in such large amounts.

Since you are not going to easily listen to us, it is better that we educate you about what actually happens when you take these drugs.

Antibiotics DO NOT work against all infections

Surprise, surprise! The modern day superheroes have more side effects than benefits and you don’t really need them in a normal flu or cough. Antibiotics work against infections caused by bacteria, fungi and certain parasites. They don’t work against common viruses like sore throats.

antibiotics ultimate back stabbers

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Antibiotics resistance…It is not as cool as it sounds

Antibiotics resistance can be used as a synonym for bacterial resistance. It fight against bacteria that have entered your body and stop them from growing. However, your body gets immune to a class of antibiotics, which loses its charm over time. To prevent this, industries come up with more powerful chemicals so that you can fool your body into thinking that you are fit as a fiddle. Seriously, just get a heads up and do your body a favour by saying NO to antibiotics.

Here are just a FEW disasters Antibiotics can cause your body

Antibiotics destroy the beneficial bacteria in your body, from the gut and other body organs. They tend to turn the bacteria, fungi and viruses to pathogenic, giving them the ability to invade your body tissues.

As we said earlier, industries are coming up with more and more strong doses to feed you, which is nothing more than bad news. They have a direct damaging effect to the immune system, making your body more susceptible to foreign diseases.

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As if all the above points weren’t enough, let us show you how antibiotics are nothing but a bubble

We really want you to learn to up – Common infection does not equal antibiotics! Your body simply doesn’t work like that!

Your entire digestive track is coated with a bacterial layer that provides for natural barrier against toxic invaders. If this “coating” (mucosal barrier) gets damaged, then you really don’t need us to tell you how ugly things can get. These beneficial bacteria protecting the gut wall fight harmful micro-organisms by producing antibiotic-like substances. Again, all this is possible ONLY IF your gut bacterial layer is intact. And guess what? If you’re a frequent consumer of antibiotics, IT IS NOT. So we wish you all the very best to make it through an unhealthy lifestyle with flying colours.

On a positive note, you can STILL spare yourself the horror and take immediate actions to curb the harmful effects of your so called “best friend”


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Here is how you can change your damaged system

STOP taking antibiotics in the first chance you get. Rely on natural, effective, safe and powerful medicines with NO side effects. Our favourites include grapefruit seed extracts, oregano oil, Echinacea and raw propolis. Live a healthy life and eat safe. Go for regular checkups, and have faith in your own system!


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