For us coffee addicts, the day we run out of it, it is scarier than watching Insidious or Paranormal Activity. Some of us cannot even function without a cup of it in the morning. Some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it instant and some like it brewed to perfection. But what happens when we run out of our favorite drink? Let us know if you go through the same emotions as we do!

Did I just run out of coffee?

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Janet from Friends gets us.

Wait, maybe there’s more.

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BRB, going to go check every drawer in the house, even the bathroom.

Negative. No sign of it found anywhere.

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Help me coffee gods.

You Fool, how did you manage to run out of it?

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Oh you foolish foolish thing! Why did not you not hoard it like the bottles of wine?

Here’s to another crappy coffee-less day.

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We feel your pain kid.

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