The weather changes so often these days that it makes us wake up coughing and sneezing the next morning when you slept with no indication of a cold last night. A lot of people handle common cold ineffectively and then end up going to the doctor’s clinic because they see no solution at hand. However, here are a few chosen, tried and tested tips that you can work up at home and feel respite from your cold. These will be much lighter on your pocket too!

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If you have a blocked nose or a headache – that is actually a more disruptive symptom of the common cold than anything else. Once you take a steam or a hot water bath, the mucus comes out of the body the other symptoms gradually go away as well.

Ginger and Garlic

Ground ginger and garlic prepared with honey can help to unclog all the mucus and also help healing and soothing or a rough throat. Alternatively, using bits of ginger and garlic as you prepare your food can also work.

Soup for Common Cold

Soup made with chicken broth or eggs can be a great sense of warmth and energy and can make you feel better. A lot of people feel nauseous when they have a cold and this helps them to take in some nutrition when they don’t feel like eating other foods.

Masala or Herb Tea

Herb tea or masala tea, preferably the without-milk variety contains vital ingredients to speed up healing and exposes you to anti-oxidants that instantly help you feel better. These can also better your digestion by increasing the absorption capacity of your intestines and give you more nutrition from the food you eat and make you stronger.

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Yoga or Meditation

Although there are doubts about how helpful full-blown exercise is, yoga or meditation definitely helps to calm the mind and to target parts of the body that get stiff or affected due to having common cold.

Over the counter medications

Some medications are available for common cold symptoms like headaches, which may not be cured by some of the other interventions, especially not as quickly. There are many types available, a search with the generic name can tell you the safest so you can stock up on it.


Finally, rest is quite important. Traveling or commuting might expose the body to more organisms and bacteria that it needs to fight, delaying the getting better from the cold. Therefore, staying in a safe, known environment helps. Psychological stress can also aggravate the problem. Taking one day off can be better than 3 days of slouchy work as you can’t pay attention.

A cold occurs when our body is trying to fight viruses and bacteria that are harmful and are trying to infiltrate the body. Giving your body ammo to fight this in lieu of the tips above can help your body to fight these foreign particles easily and help you get better faster.

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