Some say, Britishers should come back and take over the country. Such an appalling statement! It immediately takes away the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters. So surely I do not want Britishers to come back to India but I would take a step even more drastic and say, we all should become monkeys again.

If the law of nature evolved us from monkeys to humans, then it must have been for a very strong reason. Guess mother nature wanted us to become more civilized. But the irony is mankind is becoming worse with time. While carrying a humanly body the instincts are behaviours are skewing towards animal like behaviour.

Humans should become monkeys again

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Things to learn from Monkeys

Nelson Mandela once said, “A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones.” Which bears enough coherence to today’s society where there is little tolerance for the other. Transformed into humans, we are busy with the ‘self’ in expense of the ‘other’. However as monkeys we worshipped team spirit. Civilized society that we live in has gone through myriad traumas and moral volatility, so much so that it feels we were better as monkeys and couldn’t be any worse as humans.

Come the time and age when women are only objects of desires. Moreover these objects are given a protocol of behavior so as not to tickle a man’s sexual desires. On the other hand, our ape ancestors have an answer to the spike of crimes against women. With females in charge, the monkey society lives better and makes love better, so arises no question of overpowering. The monkey society thus poses the greatest challenge to human habitations to think sex and food go together better than love and marriage.

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Each to his own

If monkeys are given a bunch of food, they share it with the entire group. Most of them do not pick up fights to get a bigger share. However humans would never show such a behaviour. Amid the wear and tear of religious fundamentalism, monkeys teach us that aggression have led no one nowhere. As per the meta-analysis of all the anthropological data, monkeys make more love and less war. Monkeys are not control-freaks and are the most liberated species in the ape-organism.

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The abysmal nosedive in intellectual content held the Indian masses hostage to a blurry ideology, something that is of no good to the humankind. This gives birth to cynics, who, in pursuit of a better society think that there should a winding back of the clock so that humans can become monkeys again. Because monkeys were better, free from the shackles of elitism and fundamentalism.

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