Shakuntala Devi mentioned, “Numbers have life; they’re not just symbols on paper”. Navjot Singh Sidhu pointed out, “Statistics are like mini-skirts. What they reveal is tantalizing, but what they hide is crucial”. Numbers and statistics bother us a lot throughout our lifespan. There are various aspects to numbers and data, and we crave to monitor them. Most of us have an inclination towards number crunching, data mining and statistical analysis. Numbers can be parameters for performance, while they can also be points of inference and inklings of interpretation. They have a language which is easily interpreted and helps us in making informed decisions. Let’s see how and why:


Marks In School

Right from childhood, there is a stress on the marks recorded on our report cards. Based on these scores, our talent, merit, genius or brilliance is evaluated. It definitely helps in loading up our curriculum vitae’s in the rat race. However in the long run success is a factor of several other things apart from just academic excellence. Life throws numerous challenges at us and our mark sheets hardly matter while we are dealing with those situations.


Jobs & Businesses

As breadwinners there is a constant watch on the daily, weekly or monthly incomes we are able to earn. Also, we are highly engaged in calculating the percentage hike and year-on-year comparisons. A potent factor in all of our lives, an increase or decrease in these amounts has a direct bearing on our morale and attitude.


Numbers & Statistics in Sports

Statistics matter a lot to any sportsperson. No matter how relaxed they are before a match or tournament but somewhere the thought of breaking  ir setting world records always linger in their minds. Those mere numbers can act as their motivation and set new records.

Pivotal Role Of Numbers In Our Daily Lives

Birthdays, anniversaries, mobile phone number, blood pressure, blood test reports, speedometers, weights and heights carry significance of numbers and amounts. We are jittery about the unlucky 13 and cheerful on 31st when salaries get credited. The outcomes of medical test reports make us content or gloomy. It’s the interplay of numbers which has its effects on us.

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Astrology & Numerology

Numerologists and astrologists actually making a living through various numbers and charts. They deduce positives, negatives, auspicious, inauspicious holy or unholy combinations. Their analysia have a deep influence in our minds and quite often we submit to them. We are forced to take unusual actions like adopting gemstones or fast on certain days of the week just to ensure that things turn favorable. We even go to the extent of changing the spelling of our names (based on calculations) to try our luck.


As is evident, we can love or hate numbers, but cannot afford to ignore them. They are so intrinsic to us and our existence is justified by them.

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