Regardless of the quality of the movie, cinema is very profitable in India. Indian film industry is the largest in the world, and the 5th in the world in terms of revenue generated by movies. Right from the small-town single screen theatre to the multiplex to the home theatre, we consume a lot of movies. So what makes us so crazy for movies?


Movies are a good escape. It is something you can do with your family without worrying too much about an intense conversation. It is fun and the time flies by. The stories in movies and other elements like dance and song are a perfect recipe to lose yourself into, away from the stresses of daily life.


For couples, movies are nirvana. The theatres are dark and couples can cozy up and get refuge from the stares they are subjected to in other places like parks or malls or other public locations.

Bollywood Movies

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Movies of Mera Hero

Gawking at your favourite hero or heroine and cheering for them, clapping, dancing along with them and even throwing money – all of these can produce a heavy adrenaline rush! You feel like you are participating in the process and also feel very attached. This draws you in. Similarly, if there are competitive scenes, we feel like our support is necessary to make the hero win, just like we feel when watching a match and supporting the team we are loyal to.

Fun of pops

Theatres are cold and dark, and guess what urge that triggers: hunger! Add to this all the advertisement, and you can’t resist ordering that popcorn and that pakoda! Sharing food among friends and chomping on popcorns as you wait for the mystery or suspense to unravel is a whole category of fun in itself!


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Pocket Friendly

Movies are the cheapest mode of entertainment and very much ‘value’ for money, because it leaves most people at least somewhat entertained at the end of 2 or 3 hours. Thinking that you might watch the story of an entire millennium unfold in just 2 hours or so makes you feel even more that the money was worth it.


Movies usually trigger a lot of emotions because of the various drama-packed scenes. We cry, laugh, feel sorry and feel elated because of certain scenes and songs in movies. Scenes in the movie makes us relate to it and so we really connect with them. We may sometimes also crave for certain lifestyles shown in movies, therefore, we have a dream-like attachment for movies.

While Watching Movies

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Lastly, each movie is new and unique. Even if a love story, each may be told in a different and fun way. We like similar and familiar stories which have a different narrative. It is a good blend of the new and the old. The new elements keep us hooked while the old elements help us stay in the comfort zone and watch the movie.

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