India is definitely the land of gastronomical adventure. We take a lot of interest in cross-state cuisines. We love chole puri as much as we love idli sambhar. It is no surprise then, that Masterchef India – a food based reality show is such a hit with us. Even back in the days of Khana Khazana, Sanjeev Kapoor’s dimples would bring the young and old alike, to the TV and to the table.


As we become urban and metropolitan, we spend our day running around to and fro work or college. Dinner time is when we ease out from the day’s travels, disappointments and much more. Night then, is a perfect time to slow down and unravel. Its been 8 years since Indian families have decided to make Masterchef India an important part of their night time meal.

But, something curious is happening. The average Indian, who is busy running around and always looking for time-saving shortcuts, is starting to appreciate the art of slow cooking thanks to Masterchef. This show is the perfect antithesis we required to slow down and enjoy the finer things in life.


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Why do we love Masterchef

There are some compelling aspects of Masterchef that make it so dear to us. The first is of course is:

1. Food

Indians are foodies at heart and a show that motivates its contestants to cook the best gastronomical delights possible, is a recipe for instant infatuation. The food looks great, is lovingly prepared and we are more than sure that it must taste great too. In fact, many people have stated that they feel their own dinners feel very sad in comparison!

2. Science of cooking

Masterchef is also the house of knowledge when it comes to food. And Indians love trivia. Tidbits about ingredients, about cooking styles about time-saving tricks, about textures, about what goes with what – all are overflowing throughout the show. We just love to soak it up. We may or may not use this information to cook but it definitely becomes a talking point. ‘Masterchef conversations’ are rampant and those who don’t watch are almost cruelly left out.


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3. Friendly yet competitive at Masterchef

And of course, we love the competition. We love our heartbeats going fast as our beloved contestants enter an elimination round. We shed tears if he/she has to leave or whoop with joy when their excellent culinary skills save them one more time.

However, the competition is not bitter or cruel. For a country that feeds on the diet of reality shows like Bigg Boss,  this is a refreshing break. Even the judges are amicable. They don’t fight amidst each other and are known to shed tears when contestants have to leave. They support heartbroken contestants quite warmly.

4. Diversity

Lastly, the diversity in Masterchef is both a reflection of what Indians anyway manage every day, as well as a lesson in tolerance and unity. Contestants from all ethnicity rub shoulders together to get work done. This is something which reminds us of our own workplaces. At the same time, the bond between the contestants reminds us to get over our differences and work together.

In all, Masterchef is the show that combines the three most beautiful things in life: food, love and television. What’s not to love?

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