Endeavoured into film making through a college project, Sanjay Tiwari wasn’t aware that he has dived into a gorge that helped him explore his zeal for film making. From being a one man army to a fully fledged team of various artists, Sanjay picks issues of social interests through his start up – Sage Productions.

Sage Productions

The Team of Sage Productions

Paired with Reena Rai, they began an endless journey of winning awards but it was just a beginner’s luck. More they lured their passion, more hurdles they found. “I didn’t have basic equipment but soon I learnt that film making is an art and one does not require a perfect tool to make a film so I began with my handicam. I learnt editing, shooting, graphic designing, sound editing, VO and script writing. Lack of facility became bliss. Out of experience, now I know that the best films are made in a tight budget and if you are determined, everything will fall in place”, says the 22 year old.

Payback Cause…

Sanjay feels he owes a lot to society and it’s his turn to pay back. He established his own production house under the name of Sage Productions which covered the issues on women empowerment and social discrimination. His award winning works like Joothan, Bundelkhand ki bhookh, The Braille, Look into the eye and Earphone added feathers to their cap.

Sage Productions

Scope of Business

They just didn’t limit themselves to film making rather they went a step ahead. The time when Nirbhayas are robbed off their esteem, Sanjay and his team conducted seminars and screening of their documentaries on women empowerment in different colleges of Delhi University.  Also, they looked forward to partner with various colleges and schools to advocate social issues as shared interests. With only few years of experience, Sage Productions done work became a topic of talk on any given occasion. He has even judged various film festivals of DU.

Sage Productions

CSR Initiative

His team invites sponsors and volunteers to contribute in their annual Sage Sweater Drive in which they provide clothing to  and needy.

While we snuggle in our beds sipping coffee, there are people who shiver on roads. Our aim is to turn winters a better season for them”, says Reena Rai, partner with Sanjay Tiwari. The motivation behind this drive came from films, again. Their documentary on homeless stirred their hearts to the extent that they frenzied around crowd funding to buy blankets. Their initiative has got backing from Red FM and Master Chef Winner Ripu Daman Handa.

When you donate clothes to us, you set in motion a chain of events that benefit people. Your items become cherished possessions for someone, somewhere who cannot afford to buy new clothes”, says Sanjay on finding the opportunity right to make yet another call for winters.

About The Documentary

They’re recent work, Ulte Haath, a documentary based on left handed people won them RK Films and Media 2015 award’s for Best Documentary. Eliminating the prejudice surrounding left-handers, they brought forth the problems faced by left-handed people in society and also the forcible conversion of left-handers into right-handers by parents and teachers.

Where today’s youth goes after fame and limelight, here we have names like Sanjay and Reena trying to make a difference in the society.

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