God helps those who help themselves. And Surbhi helped God to help her. Surbhi Gupta is a proud and young entrepreneur who rose from the shackles of society which shunned her to four walls and came out to make her closet available to all through Surbeez Closet.

How did it all start

Being the only girl, she was preserved in the cocoon of family. As a child, she was often mocked for weird dressing sense and as she grew up, the very people were shocked to find that she managed to secure a seat in a reputed fashion institute. Little was then known that someday she’ll evolve into a passion driven and enthusiastic fashion designer. It was a no surprise to her as she had inherited this quality from her textile designer mother who had backed her through every thick and thin and is the very inspiration behind Surbeez Closet.

Life at College


During the college days she kept challenging herself with out of the box ideas and put herself into situation where her capabilities were put to test; least aware of the fact that someday it will help her get recruited in one of the top merchandise company which every friend of hers craved for. But she was least prepared for what came next. A personal setback hindered her venture to dream job. But she didn’t stop there, in fact, made it a stepping stone for herself.

It was not an easy ride

On asking about her start, she says “Don’t start the way I did”. With no professional experience and zero knowledge of fashion business she was clueless and totally directionless. But obsession of fashion designing made her find ways to achieve her dream, “It was something I always wanted to do. The worse that could happen to me was failure.” It all began from her brother’s wedding. For all the occasions she drew sketches, fabricated and got it stitched accordingly. She flew all the way to Delhi to get them fabricated. At one end her father wasn’t comfortable with her investing so much on something that she could have got at reasonable price in the market and on the other end, her mother kept motivating her. Her work was noticed and highly appreciated. Charity begins at home, so does business. Eventually her relatives became her first customers.

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First Taste of Success for Surbeez Closet

She expanded and showcased her work through her Face book page. She assessed other fashion pages and jotted down their shortcomings, went for an extensive research on market needs and changing trends which helped her page even better. With best of her knowledge and support of her friends, she designed her own logo and did photo shoot of all her garments. 11693938_1453066204995145_7741140047449556094_nSurbeez Closet had become a topic of discussion amongst her acquaintances. Soon there were influx of calls appreciating and placing orders.

Then one fine day a call gave her that one big ticket to savour her dream. She was invited by a fashion exhibitor to present her work in an exhibition. “For a month my room had become a small factory”, laughs Surbhi. No effort ever goes futile. Her dresses were sold. She had made a place for herself by now.

“If you are passionate, the passion feeds the soul. Even through downfalls, your passion becomes the guiding light to success. Don’t step back by not trying. Magic will happen to you, as it happened to me.” -Surbhi.

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