For the longest time, space was off limits to mere mortals like us. But the progression that has happened makes interplanetary travel a possibility. The discovery of Kepler-186f and the missions to Mars to investigate whether life can be sustained there or not makes living on other planets a reality, whether twenty years in the future or fifty years in the future but in high probability it may just come true.

When people were asked to nominate themselves for one way journey to Mars so many of us sent in our names. What if it becomes a reality and you do get selected? Wait and that’s not all, along with you, your family also gets to travel to space! Is it a win-win for all? What about these things?

Weddings and Festivals

How often do you attend a social function all by yourself? It is surely a family affair. Now when the entire family is up in the sky orbiting in space, every tiny light from stars or when you look at the night sky over planet earth all of it will remind of the decorated lights, delicious food, singing and dancing and the entire buzz around being best dressed in traditional attire associated with Indian weddings and festivals.

wedding missing in mars

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Family Trips and Activities 

When you are up there and you know it is a Friday you are surely going to miss the joy of booking tickets for the latest movie which has got released. Why just movies, you won’t have the luxury of buying tickets for the cricket match happening in the stadium of your city. Even if you are at home, no friend or relatives are going to come and join to watch the match together and cheer India! Oh my God with whom will the Balika Vadhu addicts discuss the next episode or complain about the last one? Very scary I must say!

Proximity to Nature

Think about the lush green mountains, scenic waterfalls, musical flow of a river meandering its way from the pebbles and stones, feeling the fresh breeze of air and the breathtaking cloud formations. Once in Mars, we would probably realize how ignorant we were to the changing weather conditions and the thrill around it – rain – umbrellas, hot pakoras and chai with Yash Chopra song in the background. Sunshine – summer clothes, swimming, and loads of ice cream, winter – snowman, soft and stylish woolen wear with super trendy boots and the wait of steaming hot soup! Can space offer you all of these?

Pets and Wildlife

And how about pets? Are you a cat or a dog person? Even if you are not an animal person, imagine waking up without the sounds of a bird chirping outside your window or a cricket making sounds at night, or a cow mooing on the road. The absence of all these will result in a silence that will make us want the cow back in the middle of the road, mooing, even if it annoyed us every day.

Things missing in Mars

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You might often think about how peaceful it would be to get away from so many people and so much traffic and all this pollution by moving to another planet or orbiting the earth for the rest of your life in a space ship. But there is no place like earth and no place like home!

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