My wings I have lost

My voice I have not

For you can’t fly like I do

So you clipped my wings, didn’t you?

It’s sad that you can’t see

That to fly, wings I don’t need

My heart isn’t burdened with murder like yours

So it can take a flight, beyond your imagination

While you have your head heavy with a fancy that you own me,

I let you have it, for I love you and you don’t see

That my frail shoulders are not the obstacle

Neither is the world hostile towards a woman like me

I let you clip my wings, break my flight, hold me down

Only because I see, that you need me

You need to me teach you to live, love and laugh

You have forgotten how spring feels like, how laughter rings

So I let my roots, sink deep into the earth, bind myself to you.

Forever forgetting my wings, becoming a tree, to hold you to me

Because I see, that you need me.

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