After his tummy tickling show on radio 94.3 My FM with the character Chacha Patakha, Himanshu Bhardwaj tickled hearts on screen as well. Hailing from Phagwara, Himanshu is reviving true form of comedy which has lost its significance since a decade.

Himanshu Bhardwaj

With an experience of almost six years in theatre, Himanshu Bhardwaj has in depth knowledge of acting and openly criticizes today’s fake comedy. “It’s pretty annoying to watch comedy full of double meaning and senseless punches. In the name of comedy, artists are mocking or insulting other celebs in media instead of performing a tough act of making people laugh”, criticises Himanshu. He’s set on a mission to revive situational comedy which is nowhere to be seen today in movies.

Early Days

During school days, Himanshu used to sing folk songs and has also reached to state level. His teacher Karunesh Nanda motivated him to go for theatre looking at his voice quality and mimicking skills, while he was in grade seven. Since then, it was no looking back for him from theatre. He fell in love with acting and stage. He was so much addicted to theatre that he gradually mastered the art of acting.

Over the years his college professors just won’t let him leave the institute after completion of a degree. ‘I’m go crazy when it comes to acting. It has always been my first priority. It is the stage that made me do B.Com., P.G.D.C.A., M.C.A. and M.Com without any break. Just for theatre”, says simpering Himanshu.

Himanshu Bhardwaj

Himashu’s Setbacks

Talking about setbacks, Himanshu had a sorrow in those minute before glittering eyes. He had been unemployed for full one year even after holding many degrees and even failed to get a fruitful work in acting itself. He participated in a reality show called ‘Pepsi Superstar’ in MH1, where he was eliminated in acting round. This became a hard phase for him to bear. His years of perseverance went futile on this elimination. With little hope he strode ahead. Then he went for All India Radio’s drama audition, where he tutored many students in acting. But alas, all cleared except for him. People mocked him on his decision on acting as career due to his short stature and average looks.

Silver Lining for Himanshu Bhardwaj

But he never stopped dreaming. Gleaming Himanshu says, “Setbacks are very much necessary. We never respect anything that comes easily to us. When we reach that pinnacle of success, these hard times help us stay grounded.”

Himanshu Bhardwaj

Himanshu feels fortunate to work with artists of NSD in his very first movie and idolizes Akshay Kumar’s acting. He motivates young minds to follow their dream with no doubt in their hearts and believe that one day destiny will bend before you and fulfill all your wishes.

Today people know his skill and talent and Himanshu Bhardwaj is a known name in Punjab where strugglers give his examples to boost confidence. This doaba lad has stepped on to his first step to his dream; rest is on time to show us where he reaches.

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