From Vidisha, a small district of Madhya Pradesh, Manish Trivedi is Deputy Manager in Red FM, Mumbai. Due to his affinity for children he started his career as a teacher. He was always drawn to differently abled children and when opportunity knocked his door, he didn’t give a second thought and right away joined an NGO named Arushi based in Bhopal. Being a software engineer by qualification and teacher by profession, was perfect portmanteau to teach children computer with voice recognition system. He went a step ahead and gave voice over to their audio books as well to equip them for today’s competitive world with up to date study material.

Manish Trivedi

“People carry a wrong notion. They are no different, yet extremely different. Their disability has by far what I’ve observed is a blessing to them. They are far more creative, patient, cheerful and most importantly, very humane than we so called ‘normal’ human beings.” sniggers Manish Trivedi. He pities them who find these children different and considers their life to be a burden for themselves, “they have no idea what joyful lives they live. They are normal children with their normal fantasy world where they are happy with their closed ones. They don’t give a damn to rest of the world.”

Manish TrivediNot just Arushi, he’s associated with NGOs in Nagpur, Delhi and Gwalior also. The corporate world doesn’t allow him to spend plentiful time with them but he makes sure that they get the resources they need. If Manish is to be believed he says he has become addicted to these children. For him life without them is next to impossible. He has dedicated his leisure time to them. Shy by nature, he’s comfortable opening with them. Not only this, children unknowing give solace to him in time of distress.

Good Samaritan – Manish Trivedi

“I don’t know about others but my life is for them. I’ve been working for them for absolutely free. I’ve volunteered in many of their programs, helping the management with every task. People try to mint profit here too. That saddens me. We are falling short of Samaritans” his take on his life in the NGO. He pictures a world that accepts them whole heartedly as their fellow mates and gives them the opportunity they deserve.

Manish TrivediThey inspire him to go against the flow and explore the unexplored areas of life and view it with a different angle. “Agar woh kar saktey hai toh ham kyun nahi!” questions Manish.

We have Ira Singhal, a disabled woman cracking India’s prestigious examination and grabbing first position in the same and then we have a 16 year old boy, Arav Kalra scoring jaw dropping CGPA and getting honoured by HRD minister herself. Disability is also ability and time and again people have proved it. Only flaw our society lacks is the acceptance and a little endurance towards them. More than funds, it’s the love they seek. We need more helping hands; we need more such Manish Trivedi.

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