A kiss lingers, always at the ready to be recollected at a time when the lover is far away, in a different time zone, slaying dragons or studying architecture. The charged atmosphere before its impressed, the duration and the aftermath, all have a sweetness imparted to them. But the memory of it is what makes it enchanting, for us earthly mortals.


There are so many reasons we kiss. The most compulsive of all, is a desire to express. To express feelings that words can’t do justice to. When a person becomes so dear to you, you just have to kiss them to tell them how much you love them.

Despite knowing its potential power, we shy away from all of its capabilities at times.  But when explored, it’s a key to a powerhouse of tingling emotions and feelings that we all deserve to have in our lives.

Kiss just cause

For most of us, kissing is purposeful, a signal signifying assent, the mood for intimacy. But, even when you are in a mood for nothing and just want to sit back and read magazines, kiss!  It will not do anything to entice your partner out of his/her laziness but it’s a wonderful way of telling them you can enjoy a lazy afternoon just as much.  A kiss like that is always remembered.


Kiss away your fears

A kiss does wonders for your brain. A reassuring peck on the cheek from a person you love and trust, is the biggest strength that will see you through tough times. And when you know how that feels, maybe you too should hold a loved one’s hand and kiss their fears away. We all need it, sometimes.


A good luck charm

Most of us have something or the other, a little secret charm that we hold on to for good luck. But there is one thing, that is sure bring us all luck no matter what. A loved one’s peck. Kissing a person for luck, is the sweetest way to tell them that you want them to succeed in whatever their endeavour and even if they don’t, you would love them just as much.

Blow that peck, its alright.

Most of the times, we are away from the people we love. In a crowd, across the room, while the train is leaving the platform and they look at you, with those big sad eyes. You would run to them and hug them, if you could. But you can’t so you hold back. We say, don’t!  Flying kisses reach their destinations too. Its not the same, but it will ease the pain and in all fairness, there is an innocence to it, that needs to be tasted to be appreciated.

The kiss of pride

Watching your son graduate in those robes, or your husband losing those last few pounds, or your mother finally learnt to facetime!  The pride in those moments cannot be expressed in words and so, a kiss comes in handy. Kiss them and let them know how proud you are of them! The look in their eyes, would be priceless!

Kiss them goodbye

Most of us are so immersed in the preparations and the faint sadness of their leaving for an office trip or an all-boys/all girls trip that we forget to kiss them goodbye! Let them go, with a kiss imprinted on their lips and mind alike. Now, the wait will be easier for the both of you.

Most importantly, treasure it when someone kisses you. It’s a sign of love and trust and just pure sweet innocence and one is immensely lucky to be blessed such.


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Finally, kiss because you deserve it

It will lower your stress levels; leave your skin glowing and your heart healthier. And should you be suffering a headache or if you happen to be a damsel, those awful menstrual cramps, wave them off a sweet goodbye with a much deserved kiss at the end of the day. Also, a life lived without a few sweet kisses to see you to your grave, is a life lived naught.

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