Love lost to endless doorways, passed the test of time and reunited after what seems like a lifetime, so is the theme  Interior Café Night. Directed by Adhiraj Bose and spelled life by Naseeruddin Shah and Shernaz Patel, every frame of the 13 minute short film does poetic justice to unrequited love.

The treatment of the short film:

We were still not over the swaying prelude with Hemanta Mukherjee’s ‘Kotodin Pore ele, ektu bosho,’, bang the film opened in a quaint cafeteria in Kolkata. Naseeruddin Shah owns the Cafe. To his bewilderment finds a familiar visitor that evening, Shernaz Patel. Shernaz, who happens to be Naseeruddin’s old flame, is back in city after a passage of 30 years.

All of us must have gone through the phase Interior Café Night deals with. There are times when lovers bid one another adieu and lose in time. But love owns the moment they part, they reassure of making it work with a lump in the throat. Mind knows, but heart refuses to give it up as lost. They spell out their worst fear then, ‘ What if you meet someone else?’.

The treatment leaves the audience room for relating with the same set of lovers in different situations. Hence, there sat the lovers across the tables depicting the stark contrast between times. The café is symbolic to the inner-workings of one’s mind where memories run at par. Your heart will weep for Naveen and Sweta who are young, have no control over the situation and vulnerable to life’s lemons. Also, it will be overjoyed when they reunite at the dusk of their lives.

The director, however, made sure not to get things gooey keeping the climax simple.

Interior cafe night naseeruddin shah

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The actors who made it worthwhile

Naveen Kasturia and Sweta Basu Prasad as the young lovers are illuminating. The two veterans Naseeruddin Shah and Shernaz Patel made the characters come alive. As a matter of fact, Naveen’s portrayal of the maudlin boyish trying to stop Sweta remains with us for long. Sweta Basu Prasad, the child actor from Makdee and Iqbal sure has her own whip-smart ways to spellbound now as a grown up.

Not to mention, both Naseeruddin Shah and Shernaz Patel were the pillars of strength of the film. Naseeruddin was quite convincing as a young-at-heart, bohemian café owner and Shernaz’s heart-melting smile did the trick for her!

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Lesson that the Interior Café Night intends to teach

The short film reinforces the concept of destiny. Life owed the lovers a reunion because they were victims of circumstances still held a torch for one another all long. Love is a tall glass of wine, the more you sip, the more you get high on it, the more you crave. Butterflies in the stomach are not only meant for the tender age, it may recur if your heart defies oldness.

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