Research as well as personal experiences of people will tell you that while being a single child has it’s perks and advantages with which you to learn living independently however having a sibling around is quite different and joyful. Of course, there is the fighting and the jealousy, but on the whole, it makes for a good, fun childhood.

While siblings of any age and gender would help make special memories for your childhood journey, there is something unique about having a sibling of the same gender, and roughly the same age. We see this enamoured in many movies with twin and non-twin siblings, like Ram Lakhan, Karan Arjun, Seeta Geeta, Deewar, etc and all of these have gone on to become great hits.

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Here are some reasons why having a sibling of the same gender and age can be awesome:

Your first friend: This sibling can be your first friend in a world full of adults. If not for this sibling, you would get to meet same age friends only in preschool or when you start going out to play. But a sibling ensures that you have a playmate around, the whole time. While your parents may get tired and frustrated of you, your sibling will totally get you.
Your guide to understanding your own gender: Understanding your own gender, especially in comparison to other genders can be a very tricky affair, and questions on this would start to emerge as you approach teenage. However, having a sibling of your age and gender allows you to have a good validation and guide to understand your own gender. You can always talk to your brother or sister about ‘stuff’ which you can’t with parents or friends.


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Exchanging clothes and other utilities: The advantage of having a same age and same gender sibling is that you can wear a lot of each other’s clothes, fashion accessories and other utilities. Not only does this mean that you have a larger wardrobe, but it could also help the two of you save money! Also, in knowing the tastes of your sibling through fashion and other parts of their personality, you also get better at understanding people – and may even ace at gifting perfectly!

Appreciating each other’s needs: Given that you two share the same social and cultural space, you understand each other’s needs; be it for material or abstract things better than anyone else. Parents are from a different generation so they might not get it, and friends don’t share your own home environment so they may not get it, but your sibling always will!

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The least confusing person: When the world makes no sense, be it workplace politics or frenemies in college, and your parents may not see why it’s all a big deal, your sibling is your steady rock, and the least confusing person around. He or she is the one you can count on.

Say Thank you to God in your prayers today if you have a sibling without whom childhood would not have been the same.

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