Marketing has been the means to communicate with consumers for years. The basic concept remains the same, but the strategies evolve year after year. The rise in social media has forced marketers to pay attention to brand new channels of communication. The evolution of technology has given them new tools to market their products with. The new age of marketing has given rise to new concepts that have come to redefine the word itself.

Influencer Marketing  

Influencer marketing is the hottest marketing trend. Indian youth between the years of 20 to 30 make up a huge chunk of social media influencers. These icons might be famous due to their art, stand up comedy, and their blog or for some other reason. But they have followers that range from thousands to millions.

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Influencer marketing is quite simple. A company reaches out to the influencers. In exchange for a monetary compensation, the influencer will post about the product on their social media platforms. The brand reaches a wider audience and the influencer either gets free products or makes money off a single post.

The Lure Of Contests

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We just can’t resist a good contest, can we? Uploading a selfie with your mother to win a hamper, uploading a selfie in your favorite outfit to win a voucher from an e-commerce website, writing a snippet to win a free book are all great examples of viral contests. It is the lure of these contests that give brands a wider audience. The response to a contest related Facebook post is much higher than to a simple daily post. Social media visibility is boosted and traffic is driven to the company’s website.

Marketing Via Social Message Videos

Roping in celebrities to make feel-good videos is the norm these days. Marketing via such videos is advantageous. First, a brand identifies itself with a social cause. Second, the brand gets visibility because of the buzz generated. Take Biba for example. The clothing brand has recently come up with a series of ads about giving women the power to choose. The latest Jabong ad is a nod to gender fluidity. The conversation online about these ads generate more than enough clicks towards the company website.

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Cross Branding

Some brands just go together. Such as, Disney characters in McDonald’s happy meals, Bacardi Rum and Coca Cola, Pepsi and IPL and much more. Cross branding or co-branding is an interesting marketing strategy used to sell two complimentary products together. The companies team up to create a campaign around both the products/brands to boost sales.

When the target market for both products is fairly similar, co-branding becomes a useful tool in the company’s arsenal. While the main motive is to generate revenue, co-branding is a great option to expand into a new market. When apple teamed up with Vodafone and Airtel to sell iPhones, they made use of a co-branding campaign for marketing the phone.

Back Links 

There is absolutely no company that can survive without content marketing. Backlinks have been around for a while and continue to play a pivotal role. Backlinks are links that direct people towards a company’s page. These are incredibly useful in ensuring that the Google search engine does not render your page obsolete because enough people did not visit your website. Be it blog posts, a board on Pinterest or a mention on Medium, backlinks are an essential part of a company’s content marketing strategy.

New age marketing strategies keep companies on their toes. They are forced to constantly adapt to new trends, modify old strategies and implement new ones as quickly as possible.

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